Friday, October 12, 2007


The shoot went smoothly- we all wore the same jersey and pants and my shoes and it was passed from one to the next for the individual shots.

I don't particularly like to have my photos taken but these are nice. Thanks to Eujin of alt.PIX for graciously taking the time to shoot us.

Funny bits came from discovering that KING tends to have a slant to one side even when standing straight facing the camera- so I called him "one leg long". Dragon Boi looks like a HK tv star on camera and the stands like a Gundam- so his new unofficial nickname is now "Gundam". ELLE looks nice with her "slight smile" and EVIL CHEF can't smile - otherwise he looks cheesey cat. His "normal" look on camera is the "O-$-P-$ debt collector" look- you wouldn't want to owe this guy money....

Dinner with Botak Jones downstairs - good stuff. Talked about the up coming training sessions and MPOC JB. We're probably going to rent a van to drive people and the gear up to JB.

I was rather tickled when KING told me that a new local team wanted to challenge us - to play at a certain paintball place in Singapore. I had to have a laugh - not at the new team but the thought of having to play at this place. Might as well cut my last finger off to pay their price for a box of paint.

And on top of that those idiots will want to shoot our masks to "test it" which is the most moronic thing ever because who shoots you in the mask from half a meter?? You're supposed to change your lens if you get shot in the lens from less than 6 feet - so these twits are technically screwing up your mask when they "test it". Thinking about it makes me want to "test" those guys with my Cyborg.

What was the quote when they got paint in CALGAR's thermal lens after shooting his mask? "thermal lenses are not good - it doesn't work in our weather". That is - ladies and gentlemen without a doubt the DUMBEST thing ever said in paintball.

Another idiot would shoot a marker right if front of everyone without a mask on and tell us about "safety". And then to icing the cake - we get told that "a paintball pellet travels at 300 KILOMETERES per second......"


cirem said...

wah lau...why so yeng?

ResidentEvilChef said...

the quote is, "Thermal lens don't work in Asia. That's why we don't use it." if i remember correctly.

OI!! O$P$!!!

PadamPelita said...

show me the rest laa!! hahaha.. so cute man.. i wonder what the pink minibus guys wil think..