Saturday, October 13, 2007

Empire's new Magna hopper

It looks weird - I guess its because the feedneck is so far front compared to a HALO below. They moved the batteries to the back - I wonder how that balances the hopper out as the back of the gun would tend to be heavier than the front. Will the Magna clobber you in the head since its going to sit so far back on the gun?

PROS > with the front of the hopper being further back- you can play deeper in your bunker- if you ask me why I think they designed it to look unbalanced- my guess is that to allow you to play deeper in your bunker. Comes with a magnetic lid (is that why they called it a Magna?)

CONS > the hopper is unbalanced without a doubt- there is more pressure on the feedneck with the whole body being at the back so it'll prone snapping off. The battery case is running across the body which means the body is wide.

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