Saturday, October 6, 2007

Paintball in Singapore

Paintball does exist in Singapore but in a recreational form. There are 2 places you can play it in Singapore but they are scenario type and very expensive. These two place give the impression that "paintball is expensive" which frustrates me to no end.

Paintball is not a cheap sport but it is cheaper than golf and yet more people will take up golf than paintball. It is probabaly because golf is better marketed and you see golf on TV but you dont see paintball.

Some of the RedSevens played scenario in the jungle in KL - 2 hours of walking and didnt' fire a single shot.

What you get in Singapore is only recational or recball which is usually a one-off recreational event- you turn up - fork out your money and expereince shooting and getting shot and you go home sore and don't think about playing it again for a long time.

The RedSevens playing Speedball- 1500-2000 shots and 5 kills in less than 3 minutes

The paintball we play is a SPORT- called Speedball. Speedball has rules fields and organised tournaments with referees and marshals. The main difference in playing paintball in Singapore is that - there are no Speedball fields in Singapore.

As a SPORT - we play it all the time when we can - we play in JB and we travel 600km to KL just to train and play and we play MPOC and PALS tournaments around Malaysia.

That is the difference between playing Paintball recreationaly in Singapore and playing it as a sport in Malaysia. The RedSevens are the only team and people who play Paintball as a sport in Singapore. We are basically the face of Speedball in Singapore.

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