Wednesday, October 10, 2007

UKS vs R7

I just finished watching the Unknown Soldiers video online and its quite interesting because their story is almost similar to the Red Sevens'. We started our first tournament with a makeshift team- thrown together on a Thursday before the tournament and thrown into the deep end shit - sort of like the UKS. 3 of us didnt have markers and used house friggin markers which didn't shoot straight when it didn't jam. Somehow we managed to play our way into the final day second round and then get beat like them.

In our second tournament in Penang we were better prepared with a stronger line-up - we were more professional in our preparation - game playing and post game analysis. We had a great time and we enjoyed the games and managed to beat some good teams along the way. I even got to kill two Immortalz. We made it to Sunday beat one good team but lost 2. Tough but we picked ourselves up and we were ok with each other and the team as in good spirits. Thats is usually helped by a lot of food afterwards (duh it was Penang after all).

When we played in JB we lost our first game in the prelims and we went on a 11 game winning streak and were ranked no.1 at the end of Saturday much to our surprise and delight. It also meant that all the other teams were out to gun us. In the semi finals round we were knocked out by to the same team who beat us- (they were the eventual winners). The Red Sevens gained a lot of respect after the JB tournament.

The last tournament we played was PALS Independence Cup in KL -Anything that could go wrong went wrong. After an overnight bus ride which eventually broke down at the Sungai Besi toll gate- we went from the broken down bus to the field with not much sleep. We didn't have our regular line up and played with 3 virgins - the bolt in KINGs Ion blew up and had to use a mech marker - my hopper slowed and I was shooting air... We won a handful and scraped into the second round - this time we weren't so lucky got beat 3 zip.

SO ALL IN ALL we have done decently well with min practice opportunity and game time and new players. I think we can and should do better next year with a proper team and regular practice.

But after watching the UKS video... all I can say is WTF MAN!- they get 'first games'at 11am???? They get to get up and 'have beakfast at their hotel'??

All our tournaments - we had to be at the damn field by 7am which means getting up at 5am. In Penang we were on the field while it was STILL DARK on Sunday morning!

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