Thursday, October 18, 2007

PP Problem

Padam Petir has told us that he can't make it to MPOC5 in JB because of family commitments. Its cool - things like these happen.

We have to readjust the team slightly.

Shah will be coming down from KL and we'll have Evil Chef and Calgar with us so we're still well covered. Its not like MPOC2 our first tournament and we had exactly enough players.

And its a good thing that I have some game time playing in the damn snake.... since I'm never going to get my 16" barrel I guess I can sneak around the snake with my 14" and Or even the 10" - I'd be really compact :P

(look out for the barrage of comments)

This was what were were like 10 months ago in MPOC2 playing our first tournament with rental markers with that piece of shit Spyder marker and gravity hopper. That thing couldn't shoot straight if it didn't jam - but at least the hopper was reliable.

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padampelita said...

Seburo.. first, my name is PadamPelita not Padam Petir.. hehe.. Second, I'll leave the snake job to Old Ben.. cant imagine you in there.. no offence mate, 1. you might not able to get there safely and 2. how you gonna move up if their snake is too low.. :)