Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I was asked a very good question in the EBUZZ forum - "how you see one is a good player? or best player? number of frags?"

My answer is below. I will add that the guy I am describing is people like Calgar who doesn't get to play many games in tournaments but to me he very much as important as everyone else in the team. His contribution to the team and passion for the sport makes him "best player" in my books. He is no Ollie Lang but he's a great ambassador of the sport in Singapore.


A good player is the guy that has good fundamental skills - can snap shoot- run and shoot - communicate - follow the game plan - make the kills.

You can say the "best player" is the guy will makes the most kills. But everyone will have a good game once in a while. The more people having good games means the more kills = wins.

Ollie Lang is one of the best because he has the total package - he can run down the middle of the field - shoot - reload on the run - shoot - kill-3 4 guys - jump over bunkers and shoot people out - all without getting shot. He is a team leader - he captains one of the most successful teams in Paintball and he makes the most money as a pro player as a Dye pro player and for the Ironmen. He is paintball's super star.

For me personally - best players are good players who contribute the most to the team- he/she doens't have to be in every game and make all the kills. But does everything for the team within their means - helps the team- motivates the team- encourages the team- and be there for the team when it counts. So even the guys who don't get to play- play an important part of the team- filling pods with paint- gassing the tanks up - helping with towels and cleaning up, running around and spotting for the team - all these little things contribute a lot to the team.

The more people like this you have in the team the more fun it will be to play together and the more success you will have.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I decided to write an article for newbies who have been coming to play at Red Dynasty. Although we coached them how to play at the field - and some get it and some don't. So I wrote something to try and put the points across to them in words and pictures.

I hope that those who like paintball will come back and my article will help them to be better players.

I've posted the article up at these forums.


Tuesday, January 15, 2008


The Feb issue of Facefull is in at Kinokuniya- they have 5 copies left when I got mine on Monday night.

Its got Ollie Lang on the cover and the cover stories are the Orlando PSP World Cup and Millenium Series in Paris. The latter has a pic on page 78 of my (and Daryl's) friend - Patrick Wrobel of Frankfurt Syndicate who came to KL for the WCA. Syndicate finish in 3rd place after the Philly Dogs and eventual winners Joy.

The Profile is on Bart Blonski of the Russian/Red Legion and the most interesting bits is the Test review of the new SP EOS marker and the Torque Loader.

The EOS is essentially a new "Epiphany" based on the ION backbone but with the same trigger frame as the Epiphany, a NXT-esque feedneck, Max Flo reg, new trigger, and freak insert friendly barrel. Its not bad for an extry-immediate level marker. Might see these as rentals as it can take CO2 gas as well as air.

The torque is screw-less, spring-less, lightweight, reversible, and a 30 day "no argue" warranty. Works with one ot two 9v or 6AA. (Which I find weird why would you put in two 9vs if it works on one. Unless it drives the loader faster?) And the batts sit on two seperate areas.

40bps is quite impressive inclusing cheap spare parts- USD3.

There is an article on shooting ambidextrously which I find intriguing that they even featured it - I will write something on it next up.

Friday, January 11, 2008


Swedish pro team Joy have left their long time sponsor Stiffi for SLY. Its probably because since they have declared they wont play in the states anymore and that leaves Stiffi out in the cold because Sly is an European company.

The Joy editon SLYs aren't as iconic as the leopard patterned Stiffis but they still look cool. Love that picture of the team and Maximus holding the barrel.

I still prefer SLY's Infamous barrels though - they're sick.

MPOC Schedule


1st Leg - Kuala Lumpur -16/17th February

2nd Leg - Ipoh - 5/6th April

3rd Leg - Penang - 31 May/1 st June

4th Leg - PJ - 9/10th August

Finals - Johor - 24/25/26th October

Looks like we're going to Ipoh for the first time this year. When we were driving up to Penang last year and passing Perak I was thinking would be nice to play in Ipoh.

Its good thing they scrapped the idea of playing in Perlis. There are 2 legs in KL/PJ which is ok for us to travel I guess but its basically the same place. I hope the KL leg is not at bloody Xtion because that place is a shit hole when it rains. The PJ leg will most probably be where the World Cup was which was ok because Amcorp Mall and the Putra train station was nearby.

Penang is nice to play in- good food and friendly people. The Penang teams are really friendly and it'll be nice to play there.

By far the best venue is in JB. The last JB MLOC leg they threw a gala dinner for us before the tournament and the field was good and the team tables were on hard ground. They were very smart- all the walking air tent and team tents were on hard ground. So min damage to the field and min mud even though it did rain. I like playing at the JB field and we get to sleep in our one beds at home in Singapore. So JB is like our 'home' tournament.

And the JB finals will be on my birthday- we're going to have a BBQ at our tent.

The World Cup Asia is going to be in Terengganu- I think Paul is too ambitious with this venue. Its too far to travel even for some teams in Malaysia and for us in Singapore and I highly doubt that the foreign teams will want to travel all the way there which is even futher from KL.

Well I hope with the arrival of our bunkers next week and etc we'll get time to train and do well.

Next week - practice guys - after we figure out how to air and secure the sup'air bunkers.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

This will be good...

A new TV Series from Fox based on the period right after T2 when Sarah and John Connor have to fight for survival. They have a hot chick Terminator who helps to protect John Connor from whatever Skynet sends from the future to kill him.

[ Website ]


I am in the process of writing a Paintball Level One course for the Paintball Association of Singapore. I looked up how the Russian Legion train and I must say even if I am not a Paintball player - I'd have to be impressed with their set up and training regime.

They have 2 indoor fields- lockers- coaches- fitness coaches and gun techies. They have practice days 3 times a week and have morning and afternoon sessions on practice days in which they have to some to at least one of the sessions.

They can spend 2 hours doing a break out drill - take a 20 min break and have a technicial check out their marker and go back and continue practising. They have a luxury of having a gun tech to work on their markers!

During the practice sessions - all the movements and where you get shot out etc is recorded. One coach will watch and another coach records all the stats so before a they can gauge who is better at what. For example how many times a back player who gets to his corner without getting shot or how many breaks in which he manages to shoot a guy out.

Everything is recorded and broken down to statistics. The required rate for a back guy to shoot out a guy on the break is 85% success rate - only if you can shoot an 85% average will they pick you to go and play overseas in the states.

The fitness coaches plan individual training and fitness program to suit the individual player and positions he plays in- like a forward will do more sprint running etc.

The Russians revolutionised the way a team practices - every American pro team strives to be like them.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

For the Ladies - Alex Lundquist

This one is for the Ladies.... Alex Lundquist the world best male super model is also #777 of the Russian Leigon

And the Fergie music video he here

Want to ask him a question?- apparently he stays up at night and replies to questions posted on his thread at


I just saw someone's signature in which read:-
"Paintball is NOT AN EXTREME SPORT, do not push for it to be in the x-games!"

I disagree with that statement- but not entirely. Paintball is not entirely "extreme" in the sense where there is an immediate risk to life and limb (like vert skate and BMX). However to me, it is "extreme" in the sense that you have to run-shoot-think-move-slide-dive all in a matter of seconds.

The other main point I'd like to contest that statement is that PAINTBALL SHOULD BE IN THE X GAMES. I recently spoke to a good friend of mine who is the Editor of a new men's magazine called Playeur and asked him to do a story on paintball. His reply was "guys running around shooting each other? - boring - ho hum". That comment really pissed me off but sadly it is reality- most people don't know what paintball is all about.

People dismiss it as a sport until they step on the field and shoot someone and try and get away with not getting shot. The only way to change this misconception is to get it out on TV for everyone to see it. I don't get why ESPN shows Rodeo Bull riding and surfing when I can safely say that NO ONE in Singapore rides bulls nor surfs.

But if paintball was in the X Games- ESPN will be showing paintball on TV- in Singapore and Asia. If there was an Asian x Games - the Red Sevens will be the only team from Singapore to step up.

So HELL YEAH push for paintball to be in the X Games - thats the only way its going to get paintball out there.


I am signee no. 23257



With RED SE7ENS Etching and Player number on the lens and with Red IriDium lens

4-6 week delivery.

I've ordered mine!


2007 was a break out year for the Red Sevens

We'd like to say a big thank you to NXe for being our first Sponsor and we look forward to a great 2008 together with NXe.

Thursday, January 3, 2008


My Fav player - Nicky Cuba
Check the technique - the big man plays in the smallest bunkers- the snake. check his snake technique.
This video also shows Nicky playing in different bunkers.
Check out the head check back into the bunkers during the snap shoot

Still The Best player in the World - Ollie Lang
Check the technique - gun up at all times running and reloading (while firing)

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


XSV has released a training DVD called HELL WEEK - its what they go through on the week just before a tournament.