Tuesday, January 15, 2008


The Feb issue of Facefull is in at Kinokuniya- they have 5 copies left when I got mine on Monday night.

Its got Ollie Lang on the cover and the cover stories are the Orlando PSP World Cup and Millenium Series in Paris. The latter has a pic on page 78 of my (and Daryl's) friend - Patrick Wrobel of Frankfurt Syndicate who came to KL for the WCA. Syndicate finish in 3rd place after the Philly Dogs and eventual winners Joy.

The Profile is on Bart Blonski of the Russian/Red Legion and the most interesting bits is the Test review of the new SP EOS marker and the Torque Loader.

The EOS is essentially a new "Epiphany" based on the ION backbone but with the same trigger frame as the Epiphany, a NXT-esque feedneck, Max Flo reg, new trigger, and freak insert friendly barrel. Its not bad for an extry-immediate level marker. Might see these as rentals as it can take CO2 gas as well as air.

The torque is screw-less, spring-less, lightweight, reversible, and a 30 day "no argue" warranty. Works with one ot two 9v or 6AA. (Which I find weird why would you put in two 9vs if it works on one. Unless it drives the loader faster?) And the batts sit on two seperate areas.

40bps is quite impressive inclusing cheap spare parts- USD3.

There is an article on shooting ambidextrously which I find intriguing that they even featured it - I will write something on it next up.

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