Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I am in the process of writing a Paintball Level One course for the Paintball Association of Singapore. I looked up how the Russian Legion train and I must say even if I am not a Paintball player - I'd have to be impressed with their set up and training regime.

They have 2 indoor fields- lockers- coaches- fitness coaches and gun techies. They have practice days 3 times a week and have morning and afternoon sessions on practice days in which they have to some to at least one of the sessions.

They can spend 2 hours doing a break out drill - take a 20 min break and have a technicial check out their marker and go back and continue practising. They have a luxury of having a gun tech to work on their markers!

During the practice sessions - all the movements and where you get shot out etc is recorded. One coach will watch and another coach records all the stats so before a they can gauge who is better at what. For example how many times a back player who gets to his corner without getting shot or how many breaks in which he manages to shoot a guy out.

Everything is recorded and broken down to statistics. The required rate for a back guy to shoot out a guy on the break is 85% success rate - only if you can shoot an 85% average will they pick you to go and play overseas in the states.

The fitness coaches plan individual training and fitness program to suit the individual player and positions he plays in- like a forward will do more sprint running etc.

The Russians revolutionised the way a team practices - every American pro team strives to be like them.

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