Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I just saw someone's signature in PBNation.com which read:-
"Paintball is NOT AN EXTREME SPORT, do not push for it to be in the x-games!"

I disagree with that statement- but not entirely. Paintball is not entirely "extreme" in the sense where there is an immediate risk to life and limb (like vert skate and BMX). However to me, it is "extreme" in the sense that you have to run-shoot-think-move-slide-dive all in a matter of seconds.

The other main point I'd like to contest that statement is that PAINTBALL SHOULD BE IN THE X GAMES. I recently spoke to a good friend of mine who is the Editor of a new men's magazine called Playeur and asked him to do a story on paintball. His reply was "guys running around shooting each other? - boring - ho hum". That comment really pissed me off but sadly it is reality- most people don't know what paintball is all about.

People dismiss it as a sport until they step on the field and shoot someone and try and get away with not getting shot. The only way to change this misconception is to get it out on TV for everyone to see it. I don't get why ESPN shows Rodeo Bull riding and surfing when I can safely say that NO ONE in Singapore rides bulls nor surfs.

But if paintball was in the X Games- ESPN will be showing paintball on TV- in Singapore and Asia. If there was an Asian x Games - the Red Sevens will be the only team from Singapore to step up.

So HELL YEAH push for paintball to be in the X Games - thats the only way its going to get paintball out there.


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