Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I was asked a very good question in the EBUZZ forum - "how you see one is a good player? or best player? number of frags?"

My answer is below. I will add that the guy I am describing is people like Calgar who doesn't get to play many games in tournaments but to me he very much as important as everyone else in the team. His contribution to the team and passion for the sport makes him "best player" in my books. He is no Ollie Lang but he's a great ambassador of the sport in Singapore.


A good player is the guy that has good fundamental skills - can snap shoot- run and shoot - communicate - follow the game plan - make the kills.

You can say the "best player" is the guy will makes the most kills. But everyone will have a good game once in a while. The more people having good games means the more kills = wins.

Ollie Lang is one of the best because he has the total package - he can run down the middle of the field - shoot - reload on the run - shoot - kill-3 4 guys - jump over bunkers and shoot people out - all without getting shot. He is a team leader - he captains one of the most successful teams in Paintball and he makes the most money as a pro player as a Dye pro player and for the Ironmen. He is paintball's super star.

For me personally - best players are good players who contribute the most to the team- he/she doens't have to be in every game and make all the kills. But does everything for the team within their means - helps the team- motivates the team- encourages the team- and be there for the team when it counts. So even the guys who don't get to play- play an important part of the team- filling pods with paint- gassing the tanks up - helping with towels and cleaning up, running around and spotting for the team - all these little things contribute a lot to the team.

The more people like this you have in the team the more fun it will be to play together and the more success you will have.

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