Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ollie Lang vs Frank Cornell at NPPL Chicago

The "controversy" on the net right now is the Ollie Lang vs Frank Cornell 'incident' at NPPL Chicago. This amateur video came up this morning on the net and ProPaintball. Can't really see much except for the trade off that happened and Frank was called 'out' and Ollie called 'safe'. Ollie played on and wrapped up the game for Dynasty.

The ref just has to get in the way of what would have been a front cover photo of the 'headbutt'.

What happened afterwards was the 'head butt' of goggles at the Avalanche flag station when Ollie went to grab the flag. And thus everyone has their opinion on it.

Trust the guys at PBFashion to come up with a real good close up of the whole bunkering move in this video.

They slowed down Frank's run down on Ollie and at .37 you can see that it is very close but Frank does get a hit on Ollie's leg or pack first- there is a yellow splash just before Ollie puts a couple on Frank's belly.

Frank Starts his run - there is a definite hit on Ollie's pack or back - there is splash of paint at the bottom of the picture. At the top of the picture in the red circle Frank is still clean.
FACT Frank got Ollie first.

A split second later Ollie pulls and this is the first of three hits on Frank's belly in the red circle

It should have been a trade off
. The refs got it wrong this time and I cant really blame them because it was so close. That's why I guess they rather pull both - just to be sure.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Most football fans would instantly recognise this which is the UEFA Champions League Patch. This patch will be on the sleeve of every team European club that qualifies for the most prestigious club competition in the world. Every player and fan would be proud to have this on the sleeve of their team jersey.

The Millennium Series format follows the Champions League a bit where they have CPL and SPL divisions and also every CPL and SPL teams are required to have the Millennium Series emblem on their sleeves as like in the UEFA Champions League. The artwork for the Millenium Series logo is readily available and made easy for teams to add to the design of their jerseys and dye sublimated on.

What the MPOC should do is to design and make a patch for the 5/6 Division 1 teams in the league. I feel that its is something special for a team to make it and play in Division as we all know that not many teams can reach the heights of Division 1. Therefore there should be something special that the MPOC can do to make each of these team feel that they have accomplished something and to be proud to be in Division 1 in the MPOC.

I think every Div 1 player would be very proud to be able to wear a MPOC Div1 "League of Champions" patch on his sleeve.

A collection of sleeve patches from the major football leagues and competitions.

This patch would also give the league a more professional image. With the amount of commitment, sponsor money invested in these precious few high profile Division 1 teams - they should be celebrated and presented to the public in an image as the best and most professional manner as possible.

Most of the photos of paintball that appear in the main steam media would be of the Division 1 teams and it would give the MPOC a higher profile to have a patch on their sleeve.

Champion's Patch
The Champions of most football leagues in Europe get to sew on an additional or special patch for the next season to commemorate their championship. The English Premier League issues a Gold Patch, UEFA has a European Champions Cup patch with the number of wins, The Bundersliga also has a special patch. The Italian teams are given a star for every 10 championship and here we can see that Juventus with their 2 stars to commemorate their 27 Italian Championships - 3 more wins and they can put another star on their jerseys.

The MPOC and PALS should design a patch/logo which a season Overall winner can sew or put in the design of their jerseys. X-Fox have a small logo with 3 crowns to commemorate their 3 overall championships.

While I applaud the idea to make a Champions Jersey for the winners of last years World Cup Asia- it may be impractical for some teams to wear them all the time because of sponsors etc. However with a "Champions" patch/logo they can just easily sew the patch on or dye sub the logo on their jerseys.