Wednesday, January 27, 2010

MPOC 1 2010

“Once you’ve played Xball, M5 seems like a waste of time”

– quote I heard last weekend.

I have to agree because I love the M7 /xBall format and the Red Sevens have take to it like ducks to water. MPOC1 was not the first time we played the M7 format but it was the first time we played it in the MPOC in Malaysia with a race to 2 format. It was shorter and yep faster.

I went to MPOC1 expecting to be trashed by the other teams who have been in D2. However much to my surprise and everyone's excitement we won our first match ever in Division 2 beating last years D3 Champions which was no easy feat. We actually took 3 wins and missed out on the quarter finals by just one match. I would have been happy to win single match but the team exceeded my personal expectations.

It was down to the experience we had in Taiwan and passing on the knowledge to the new guys on the team who have not played in M7 before. I also noted that a few of the other teams were not used to the M7 format yet. However I think by the next leg they would have settled down and gotten used to the new game play.

I'm sure that one of the teams we played will remember that the main point is to hit the buzzer to score the point. We had a one on one situation and it was close but Ivan managed to hit the buzzer while their last man was still looking to shoot him. That would have been a bitter pill to swallow. It was a lesson well learnt by us in Taiwan where we had a legendary 2 min one on one situation before Jane hit the buzzer to send the crowd into a frenzy.

In another game we had already lost the point and they had 3 guys alive and they hit the buzzer but they were still looking to shoot our last man.ITs point over but they didnt know it. That clearly showed lack of game knowledge. I was looking to throw in the towel to get my team in to turn around and was surprised that their 3 guys were still posting up and shooting at my last man - despite already scoring the point. That could have been counted as playing on.

It was great to have Azlan back on the team - the new guys Ivan, Paul and Hiro has improved remakably in a short time and I think they are already comfortable in this Division.

It was a shame that the snake was not in one straight line or we'd have a even better kill ratio from the snake side. Paul was good at shooting his mirror off the breaks.
Ben pulled off a great Ollie move running from the back all the way into their midfield shooting 2-3 guys out and break the game wide open to score the point.

Special mention must go to Hiro who is really our O.Lang because we can just about play anywhere and perform any job we give him. We tell him where to go and he'd say yes and he'd be good too. He is certainly the most versatile, dependable and improved player in the team since playing for the first time last June at the World Games. I must mention how proud we are of Hiro's improvement in the game and to have him on the team.

Thank you to Arthur Chang for coming all the way from Taiwan to play for us - even though he only played 2 matches on Sunday it was as always a pleasure to have a teammate like him around.

The team came home with renewed excitement - everyone wants to play Xball again and Pattaya is the next tournament for us. Personally I had a great time coaching and crewing not only or the Red Sevens but for XFox in Division 1 as well. They also have a bunch of new guys and are trying to work things out in the team.

Working with XFox has as always been a fun and educational experience. I always learn new things when crewing for senior teams and this ia invaluable when I impart them to my teammates. Hopefully we can prepare better for MPOC2 and make it to the next level.

Thank you to the MPOC for listening to my suggestions- we got what I asked for 2 tables per team and pits by the side of the field with air inside. I give infrastructure a B+. Something should be done to leviate the walk ways and some team areas from getting muddy.


I was the one who first suggested picking up VICIOUS as a team for Furious to sponsor and they have come a long way since their Semi Pro days. 2010 will be an exciting year for both VICIOUS and FURIOUS Paintball as the team moves up to PRO Division.

VICIOUS as you would know- always have their own custom EGOs and GEOs and thus its no surprise that they now have their own VICIOUS Edition FURIOUS Barrels.

These are limited production - only ### were made for the team and it is only available from VICIOUS through DSS Paintball.

Also Check out VICIOUS' new beanies, macro fibre cloth, goggle strap, gun grafitti and lanyard in PBNation

2010 XSV Jersey

XSVs jerseys are usually the most anticipated jersey design every season. I think its the most highly sought after pro jersey around the world. This year's unveiling will be a bit more significant as they would have to steer away from their traditional yellow.

So XSV's legion of fans are anticipating to what new colour XSV will adopt. I for one am picking GREEN. I haven't asked Junior what it is and I doubt he'd tell me *wink*. Check my poll and tell us what colour you think XSV will switch to.

Anyway as a marketing ploy- XSV tweeted that if they get over 7000 fans in their Facebook- they will show it and give one away to a lucky fan.

Good Luck!

TNKD Editions

A couple of new TNKD jerseys to show you.

Ramstein Instinct's 2010 jersey which would be 'special' as TNKD's Tobias Breuer and Phillip José Steinfatt both play on the team.

Not to be confused with Nemesis Legion in Malaysia who have their own custom Dye jersey

Singapore/Red Sevens TNKD Jersey is in production- look out for a photo like these soon.

Friday, January 22, 2010


Proto PM7
Great Condition
Just it got back from servicing at the Dye Factory in Taiwan
USD300 only


Look me up at the RED SEVENS table.


Alright paintball fans this is hardcore paintball fans - we have some exclusive PB goodies and Original DVDs for sale at WCA from our sponsors PAINTBALLERS WORLD.
Come and see us at the RED SEVENS table in the D2 area.

Original BRING OUT YOUR DEAD DVD from DERDER and Monkey With A Gun's Cerial Killers 2 DVD. If you're a fan of XSV we have a Beatdown city Belt for sale.

Paintballers World is the official distributor for SEED's Rotor Upgrade. Come and see us for a demo and watch the Seeds anti jam movement. It will clear ball jams for you.
Here is what you get in a SEED box: A new board and 2 new high speed motors and a custom SEED gear to drive those pbs down the feedneck faster.

Player A t shirt. "I wipe Hits" in front - a great paintball t shirt.

Everyone is a fan of DERDER's SHORT BUS - be the only one to wear the official t shirt.

This is the Cerial Killers 2 set- original DVD plus the official CK2 MWAG headband which is highly sought after by MWAG collectors.

And lastly we have 4 colourful limited edition KM headbands to give away FREE with every purchase. First come first serve

We'll also have macro line for sale incase you need one.

*All DVDs are Originals

Paintballers World is the official distributor for KM Straps, SEED, DERDER, and MONKEY WITH A GUN DVD. Check out our website for more great PB stuff

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Happy Belated birthday (last Sat) Jon boy (far left)

Division 2 M7

This weekend marks another mile stone for the Red Sevens- we will be playing in Division 2 again a bit of history as the first Singaporean Team in Division 2.

It is not the first time we are going to play the M7 format as we had done twice before in Taiwan during the Asian Invitational and the World Games. In MPOC the format is slightly modified with race to 2 points where as in Taiwan it was a race to 3 points. There was guaranteed a swap of starting gates when you have to play 3 points. The max points in a race to 3 is 5 where as in MPOC it would be 3.

During practice last weekend a few points came up and I reminded the team that we're playing xball - the mind set has to be changed. With a coach and spotter in play - everyone has to get used to listening to the coaching some thing which I still find hard to do. We're also playing for 2 points so even if you lose the first point you'd still have to get into the pits and get ready for the next point.

Preparation and planning before the match counts as much as during the points. Everyone has to know the plays and their jobs of course but with the addition of a race to format. You'd also have to prepare for the change overs - when they come in to get cleaned, paint and air. Everything has to be laid out and organised in the easiest and fastest, least chaotic way.

I have developed my technique of organising the pit area how to get everyone cleaned up and podded up - smoothly. Hopefully we wont get into each other's way and with a race to 2 its less frantic than a race to 3. I certainly hope we will get pit areas on the side of the stewards booth along with air inside - otherwise we'd have to run out for air.

We have to come up with plays and code words for things we want to do in the game. This is an added dimension to the game - we have more things to consider in what I think is a more compressed time frame. M7/ xball no doubt will be a faster game as compared to the M5 format. I always say that the 8 mins of a game is the fastest 8 mins in my life.

We would also have to have more gear- more pods, loaders, tanks and extra gun set ups on stand by.

For me personally I enjoy coaching and crewing immensely and I am looking forward to doing it again. We might be short on crews and a spotter but if Hostile Intentions* can win the WCA with practically no crew and no spotter - I guess its not impossible to get by with out some.

Ramping to me isn't that much of a difference- I don't think it was much of an advantage playing ramp at 13bps in Taiwan. You do get a consistent stream of paint of course and that does help when you're laning and bunkering.

But the drawback is having to be aware of your paint and having to reload a lot. Some guys can pull faster than 13, heck Ken Tsuda told me the kids on Oakland Blast pull 19-25++ bps on their Bob Longs that shits on 13bps ramp.

* Hostile Intentions had only 6 (?) players and a girlfriend as crew. There was no spotter until the finals (I spot for them out during the final) and they didn't even have anyone to collect pods for them and they were running out of pods during the match. I crewed 1 game for them and I thought they were going to have a hard time getting through to Sunday without a proper crew but they ended up as champions - which I think adds to their achievement.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Thanks Eric

Thanks for the jersey Eric - worn with much pride when
I played with Greg and his friends over the weekend in Singapore.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Yellow has revealed that yellow will be a restricted colour in the PSP. I have mentioned rumors of this ruling before and now it looks like its going to happen.

Teams like Infamous will have to abandon their signature Yellow although their 2009 jerseys have been relatively sans yellow.

This colour restriction is however only with the PSP - the NPPL, Millenium Series and thus the MPOC have not banned yellow. The MPOC is governed by Millenium Rules and for the time being teams like Joy and Vision can keep their 'yellow' jerseys.

Flags on jerseys
I started wearing my state flag on my sleeve in 2007 and since then a lot of people are wearing their sate flags. I do hope commonsense will prevail in letting us wear our national / state flags. At the World Cup Asia 2007 I was warned to take my state flag off as it has yellow on it. I thought was a bit anal and I played through 2008 with no problems especially with the participation of the teams from Sarawak who also wore their state flag on their jerseys.

What I am saying is that if they're going to ban yellow in the MPOC - to not include flags on our jerseys and mask straps because the national flag of Malaysia does have yellow on it too. Let us not jump the gun and shoot ourselves in the foot.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Dinner with the Hagys

We had the pleasure of having dinner with Zach and hid family last night and they are a great bunch of people. Zach was back in Singapore for the holidays and played the JB Open with the team just after Christmas. I think we finished 8th overall. I was away in my hometown of Kuching so I didnt play.

Its always a great pleasure to welcome people who have moved overseas back and it looks like we'll probably be playing with Zach again in the middle of the year when he comes back for summer break. I am looking forward to that.

It seems that this year we will also see the return of one of our original players and I am very happy and excited to line up with Azlan again.

Well MPOC1 is less than 2 weeks away - practice this weekend.