Monday, January 11, 2010

Yellow has revealed that yellow will be a restricted colour in the PSP. I have mentioned rumors of this ruling before and now it looks like its going to happen.

Teams like Infamous will have to abandon their signature Yellow although their 2009 jerseys have been relatively sans yellow.

This colour restriction is however only with the PSP - the NPPL, Millenium Series and thus the MPOC have not banned yellow. The MPOC is governed by Millenium Rules and for the time being teams like Joy and Vision can keep their 'yellow' jerseys.

Flags on jerseys
I started wearing my state flag on my sleeve in 2007 and since then a lot of people are wearing their sate flags. I do hope commonsense will prevail in letting us wear our national / state flags. At the World Cup Asia 2007 I was warned to take my state flag off as it has yellow on it. I thought was a bit anal and I played through 2008 with no problems especially with the participation of the teams from Sarawak who also wore their state flag on their jerseys.

What I am saying is that if they're going to ban yellow in the MPOC - to not include flags on our jerseys and mask straps because the national flag of Malaysia does have yellow on it too. Let us not jump the gun and shoot ourselves in the foot.

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