Friday, October 30, 2009


“I despair the abrogation of the center boundary rule be abated to a pyrrhic victory with the insistence of perpetuating the anachronistic BTO”

Great Spirit of Singaporean Ballers

I am happy to write that within a day of emails, facebook chats and smses- I have managed to equip 2 Singaporean D4 teams with barrels and loaders for the WCA.

Thank yous to SBen, Jon Ang, Gerald Lee and BBen for chipping in with loans of gear and Gary Lee of KCHL for standing by with harnesses.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Red Sevens are on the cover page of Furious Paintball's website.
Thank you for the support Matt.


Its great that we have a large number of Singaporean paintballers going up to play in the World Cup Asia this year. Teams like Red West and Contract Killers will be representing Singapore playing in Division 4.

With the announcement by the WCA orgainsers allowing D4 players to use their own barrels and loaders on the house markers - I am asking for the help from those players in Singapore who will not be playing but have loaders and barrels to lend to the Singaporean players who will need them.

So if you are like SBen who are not going to the WCA but do have a Vlocity loader and Furious Barrels to lend - please drop me a line as your help would really go along way for the guys who will be representing Singapore. I will try to make sure everyone has a loader and a barrel to use for the World Cup.

It is nice to know that Gerald is lending Kiko his Ego9 and rotor to play in Division 1 with the Real Pinoys. We love Kiko who lives and works in Singapore at the moment and we're supporting him in anyway we can at the World Cup. Nick and Keith will be crewing for the Real Pinoys to help out.

Thank you for your support.

PS SBen can you pls lend your Loader and Furious Barrel to Nick?


Matt(in Demonz jersey) from Furious Paintball who are our sponsors had a great weekend playing paintball in SF with Rob and his EXPLICIT boys. Shane Howe is smack in the middle of this pic looking like a model dude.

Got a couple of nice Tweets when I got home tonight.
our sponsors Dye, posted pictures on their Facebook of RED WEST our Junior team who are Grand Champions of SPNS for 2009 which qualifys them a spot at the World Cup Asia in Division 4

Congratulations Front Left-Right Gerald, Paul, Middle -Chee Yong, Fairuz, Julya and Sofie with the trophy - NOT forgetting Zach Hagy, Ryan Stoll and Mark who played on the team.

And Prince replied to my little inside joke about Milo which the pros had when they were in KL last year. *wink wink*

Finally this is a great picture from the World Cup. This is really special as former team mates on Infamous Shane Howe played on Aftermath 2 on the left and G-no who played with Vicious on the right met in the Semi Pro Final. Shane and G-no won Phoenix together on Infamous last year. G-no said on his Facebook that it sucked to have to beat Shane to win Semi Pro at the World Cup.

Friday, October 23, 2009


For some reason in this part of the world, some players, tournament promoters and field operators refer to paintballs as "paintball pallets" e.g " you will get 500, 1000 pallets" or "I ate paintball pallets for breakfast". Google "Paintball Pallet" and you'd find websites from specifically this part of the world.

This all started when somebody confused the word 'pellet' with 'pallet' and as monkey see monkey do, this has snowballed into a monster.

To clarify once and for all for everyone:

These are Pallets


A "Pallet" is actually a wooden or plastic tray that supports boxes that is lifted by a fork lift or a manual jack. Ironically Paintball boxes are stacked and shipped on "Pallets" which adds to the confusion. In America "Pallets" are referred to as "Skids" and paintballs are delivered to fields and tournament sites on "skids". Each skid holds 100 boxes of paintballs. Professional teams with sponsored paint usually go and collect their paint in "skids" i.e. as in by the pallet. The trick is to select the 'skid' that has best or freshest paint.

Here is a picture of a skid of paintballs i.e this is picture of a pallet of paintballs

For further reading click here for wikipedia's definition of "Pallet"

Is a small non spherical object which is usually "non-spherical" (not round). Airsoft ammunition and shotgun balls are commonly referred to as "pellets" and so are things like dried animal feed for pets, fish, birds and livestock.
For further reading click here for wikipedia's definition of "Pellet"

In conclusion - a paintball can be referred to a a "pellet" as shotgun buckshots are refered to as 'shotgun pellets'. However the using the word "paintball pallet" in reference to a paintball is technically wrong.

So please stop using the term "paintball pallet" unless you mean to say that you're supplying (or eating) a whole skid of 100 paintball boxes.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I have compiled a short list of Pro Guns for Sale at the World Cup Asia and this is what that I currently have on my list

As you know there will be a 3-4 of London Shock GEOs coming and I have just been told there will be a special 09 X Factor Private Label EGO available.

Eric Prum will be selling his Dc Arsenal DM9 with Virtue OLED (red/black parts) and also a custom etched Bob Long Victory - pictures to come.

We've already sold one Arsenal Entourage jersey. Got a few more jerseys coming too - stay tuned for the list and pictures.

I don't have any pricing at the moment. Do write to me at to reserve or request for these items. I highly recommend that you do reserve or request for items. They want to know to bring to sell.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Singapore Paintball - Sans Center Line

The big announcement before the prize giving at SPNS yesterday - was Jane announcing that the PBAS Paintball Association of Singapore have convinced the Singapore Police to let everyone play paintball without the center line which non BTO certified tournament players were not allowed to cross.

This is a significant step for paintball in Singapore because the center line has always been a sore point in paintball in Singapore. The first steps to enable players to play on a field without and center line was to organise and certify players as 'tournament players' with the Basic Tournament Orientation famously known as the BTO.

The change of the rules set my the police is significant because it is the first time that a community of paintballers and people like Jane and Ben have managed to get this rule overturned. This opens the channel to further gain more grounds into other aspects which I shall refrain form discussing at this point in time. Furthermore it opens the opportunity to anyone to come and play paintball as the way it should be played.

I think we should savor what Jane and Ben have achieved and everyone too can share in this good news as your participation and enthusiasm of the sport to shows the authorities that Paintball is a legitimate and safe sport. Singapore Paintball has come a long way since the days of having the center line to joining the rest of the world to play without it holding us back.

Congratulations to Jane and Ben and every single one of you who have BTOed.


The 12 team captains will be voting for a tournament MVP in the forum in the next few days and I would say that my SPNS MVP would be Sofie who played on Red West. I am a touch biased because I was on the snake side all day and I had a few words to him during the tournament.

Sofie played great had solid games - no silly mistakes and did his job well. Red West pretty much controlled the snake side with Sofie and he was the game winning factor to in a couple of games for Red West. He has great sense of timing - read the games well and pulled a couple of big moves including bunkering 2 Five-O guys in the snake to score the win.

Well done Sofie.

Well done also to Red West who are 2009 SPNS Series Champions.
Gerald, Paul, Julya, Chee Yong, Sofie and the two Americans back home Ryan and Zach.
And a special mention also to Yazid who I thought played exceptionally well for his first tournament. He did everything well - held his lanes, shot and communicated well. And Yazid made it into the finals of the Top Gun 1 on 1 competition too. Well done.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


I'm not in Vegas!! That ain't me!! How dare that poser tries to fly my name...Bushwackers are dead.. publish that on your blog. Ron fields another team of scrubs..”
– (The Real) PRINCE

Photo taken by Shane Howe


There are a few surprises on Friday at the USPL world Championships. The Bushwackers rocked up with an Ironmen on board. Chris Lasoya is back on Infamous. Nicky Cuba poped up on Phoenix United.

DYNASTY 6-1 was solid all day - playing their most comfortable format which is the 7 man on a 7 man field Angel Fragoza was fast in the snake, Justin Schwartz was a demon on the dorito side. They pretty much rolled a 6 win streak until their last game against Blast who by then had momentum.

BLAST 5-2 had a good day- Tyler Harmon and Dave Bains playing well on opposite sides of the field with World Champion Dave Bains dominating the Carwash. Blast finished second to Dynasty with a 5-2 record dropping their first game and settling to a good run of wins until their 6th game by which time they had Sunday wrapped up. They lost to Infamous who needed the win more than blast. Highlight of the day for Blast was Baines in the car wash vs Angel Fragoza in the snake. Ken Tsuda texted me "We are so far OK" to summarise the day for Blast.

INFAMOUS 5-2 did very well. They lost their first and third game but beat Blast and built a momentum with a win streak to run out the day. Infamous were having problems getting into the snake and dropping guys on the break. Rusty glaze was playing like Rusty glaze in the Doritos and they pulled it together. HIGHLIGHT was Chirs Lasoya playing for Infamous again creating moves down he middle of the field.

The surprise of the day was SCOTTSDALE ELEVATION 4-3 who came from nowhere to post a respectable 4 wins. Beating bigger names like Blast, Bushwackers, X Factor and Phoenix. They we clumsy at times getting whacked by Dynasty in less than 2 mins. But they did well to post 4 very deserving wins.

X FACTOR 3-4 who are traditionally an X Ball team struggled - they had some narrow losses despite playing well. The hight game was against Dynasty with former team mate Archie Montemayor on the otherside. Angel fragoza was blasingly fast- by the time the cameras and the commentators spotted him and said "Angel is in snake one - thats XFactors snake" He was way deep in X Factors side but the 3 remainding Texans held out a bit longer than expected.

EXPLCIT's 2-5 tournament ended with the huge gun penalty in their third game. Adamd was found with a gun that 'bounced' which was highly illegal. EXPLICIT got whacked with -100 points which is loss of a Win and a 6 game team penalty where they started with 1 man down and Adam Florendo was thrown out of the tournament and will be suspended for 2 tournaments. Very harsh punishment for a gun penalty and the team suffered losing every game except for 1 after the penalty was given. EXPLICIT go home with 2 and 4 record with one win deleted.

PHOENIX UNITED 2-5 featuring another Ironmen in Nicky Cuba couldnt get it together losing all but one win vs the Bushwackers. The second win was awarded to them from the EXPLICIT's gun penalty.

The Big story is that the BUSHWACKERS 1-6 are indeed alive and playing. Mike Paxton is playing for the Bushwackers in his Ironmen #55 jersey. Unfortunately that wasn't enough to take the Wackers to Sunday, finishing 1-6 they struggled to score wins after their one and only win in the first game against Infamous.


Tomorrow's games start at 12.52PM Vegas and 4AM Singapore time.
IND Indianapolis Mutiny
IMP Edmonton Impact
AVA St Louis Avalance
TPB Tampa Bay Damage
DCA DC Arsenal
SND Seattle Naughty Dogs
LEG Legend


Bushwackers along with Prince (who went from the airport to the field) are alive and playing although struggling in the prelims. Brandon Short is not in the team however Mike Paxton is playing in his Ironmen jersey!

Friday, October 16, 2009


That's the RED SEVENS boys Muffin Man on the left in his Dirt Life jersey and Ivan Low on the right on the SPNS poster on Dye Asia's website.


What is going on here? Everyone thought that The Bushwackers were dead- BUT they seems to have risen from the grave and registered a Pro team for USPL World Championships in Vegas.

When I tweeted this morning that the Bushwackers are registered and fielding a team with Brandon Short and Michael Paxton listed. Prince's response was Bushwackers are dead...I wanna know WTF is going on..

There have been rumours on that owner Ron Kilbourne would be fielding a totally new line up to restart the franchise. Could this be the new look Bushwackers?

There is the team list
Sean Cairl USPL Class: Division 3
Jaime Carrasco USPL Class: Division 3
Brandon Harrell USPL Class: Division 3
Christofer Hart USPL Class: Division 1
Ronald Kilbourne USPL Class: Division 1
Ken Nunes USPL Class: Division 1
Michael Paxson USPL Class: Pro
Brandon Short USPL Class: Pro
Austin Stanek USPL Class: Division 1
Tyler Swope USPL Class: Division 3

A few Division 3 names and Ron Kilbourne's name himself. And why would 2 Dye sponsored players be appearing for the Wackers? Brandon Short said he dropped off Scott Kemp at the airport today. Scott was going to Vegas - Brandon is not. Go figure.

And They are on the Schedule:
Fri 1:18 LA Infamous vs Bushwackers
Fri 1:58 Bushwackers vs Scottsdale Elevation
Fri 2:38 Oakland Blast vs Bushwackers
Fri 3:02 X-Factor vs Bushwackers
Fri 3:26 DYNASTY vs Bushwackers
Fri 3:50 Bushwackers vs Phoenix United
Fri 4:22 EXPLICIT vs Bushwackers

I guess we'll find out at 1pm/am when they are scheduled to play Infamous.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

No Respect

Shane cant get any respect from an ex teammate LOL
From my facebook last night

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Shane just told me that his brand new Aftermath jersey was stolen over the weekend at the Cup. Aftermath didnt get their new jerseys until the weekend and right after they got them they went for dinner and it was left in the bags in the team van. After they got back Shane couldn't find it.

This is a travesty - Shane is really bummed about losing it. If anyone sees an Aftermath jersey with SHANE HOWE on the back for sale or anyone wearing it please tell him or her to give it back. There is only one Aftermath Tanked jersey with his name on it and that one rightly belongs to Shane.

If you have Shane's Jersey please give it back.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I have been asked how to play the SPNS field so just for fun - I wrote a few notes on the field. To be honest I don't like the layout for the WCA and for Mech markers its going to be worse. For SPNS I hope to see the field being more compressed to compensate for the lack of distance the mech markers will have.

And to make it more exciting to watch, I would move the snake corners inside so the snake players will have to look after themselves. I would put something in front of the dorito corner to obstruct his view and at the same time force him to move up.
EDIT- Move the corners in slightly so that in order to shoot down tape they have to come out a step or two. So no easy shots for the corner guy.


The players at SPNS will be using Spyder mechanical markers. The shots aren't going to reach end to end. There wouldn't be much point trying to lane from home nor will there be much to shoot at from the back corners. Thus I would run the guns and get them up as far up the field as I can and push my back line up into the mid field.

Its about knowing how to take advantage of the lack of range and BPS speed of the mech markers. Be fast up the field and get into the red zone and put up a lane before they get their guys up. Teams who can shoot accurately on the run will have a big advantage as I would tell my guys to shoot as they get into their bunkers up the field. By the time you're past the 20s-30s they would be looking to get into their bunkers - which is the time to put a lane in front of their destination.

Teams with good snake players would do well. With 1 or even 2 guys in the snake they should only pop up after the 50 and look for the cross. The second snake would better protect the front snake from getting mugged than the back corner. I would spend a lot of time walking the snake and coaching my guys on the snake.

With the snake corner being further back it would be harder for him to totally lock the snake down. If you intend to have a snake corner that guy has to work really hard and smart to work shots into his mirror and at their snake. He'd have to be creative and wrap extremely out and low an disciplined enough to keep guard on the snake.

The Doritos are up in the 40s and is makeble if you know how to run the blind spots and avoid getting hit on the way. Thus again you'd have to spot their shooters and shoot at them on the run to put them in or they're going to set up for your entry.

The key to the next stage is knowing what to do once you're in snake 4 or in the 50 doritos. That boils down to experience, communication and patience. They are going to pound your positions and you cannot die cheap. I expect you to shoot out their forwards on the cross. Communicate with the back line to give them angles to shoot some space for you to make your next move.


The back guys gotta push up the middle. As soon as they spot your forwards in the doritos or snake - they will be shooting them. This opens windows for the backs to push and they have to push to keep the pressure on the other side.

Communication and reading the game counts.
Anyone can scream the bunkers, you have to think what to do and how to play your guys. The back guys need to think of how to play their forwards as the game progresses. How to work out the sweep and where to set up the cross or work the pinch on the last guys.

Good luck SPNSters.

Monday, October 12, 2009


This is EXPLCITs Private Label Ego which come up over the weekend. I made the picture more 'authentic' with Furious Barrels which Explicit Shoots.

I told Shane last week that my Crystal ball said that he was going to get a new Ego....heh heh. My Crystal Ball wasn't all that wrong - right Shane?

My crystal says that is that we will see someone shooting this at the World Cup Asia ;)


Congratulations to the guys on Vicious Chris Hooker and G-No who are World Cup Semi Pro Divisions Champions.

G-No played against former Infamous team mate Shane Howe on Aftrmath 2 in the final. Also another friend of mine on SDA2 is Jason Bornstein.

Next year Furious Barrels will be on the Pro Divison as Vicious will be stepping up into Pro. This is exciting times for Furious who have always been wanting to be in Pro.

Friday, October 9, 2009


The Red Sevens are featured on THORB's FACEBOOK.
Click on the picture for the link to THORB's Facebook and sign in as a Fan.


Starts tonight 745am EST in the USA and 745pm in South East Asia.

SEBUROs LIVE CHAT online tonight.
Add to your MSN Messenger and

To 'Follow' me on my Twitter click on the Twitter logo on the right or go to for results and tweets.

Monday, October 5, 2009


If you're on my Twitter and Facebook you'd know that I moved house over the weekend. I moved from a flat into a room. So things are tight and still in boxes. I get back on the blog when I have found space to set up my Mac and internet in my new room.

Right now the queen sized bed takes up 5/6 of the room and its surrounded by a NXe pro bag, a Dye Explorer and a Dye Pod bag filled with 3 weeks of laundry plus other various things. It is very packed but as Prince said "at least you have a nice pool" - which I will be blogging and tweeting from poolside as I think my WIFI can reach there.

Friday, October 2, 2009


Planet Eclipse has been fast in coming out with their private label EGO10s.

New England Hurricanes' are the ones I like the most

Team Marseille Icon

Disruption is my other favourite.

Team Reckless

EDIT MON 5th Oct
S.O.P. also came up with more pictures of PL Ego10s
The Aftershock ones are nice too. Ryan can you hook me up? LOL


I like the bit about watching paint streams and figuring out where they are without even looking up and exposing yourself. And communicating that back to your team.

Who's the Infamous guy in the other shots? Anyone?


If you haven't seen these - the rest are on Planet Eclipse's Blog.
Planet Eclipse has scored a marketing slam dunk in Brazil or is it Portugal by getting Egos and Geos on Playboy.

If somebody can find link to the uncensored versions please post it up here. This will be the most viewed paintball thing on the internet for the next week or so.

[ is a moron]
Lets see how long this takes to appear on the cut and paste blog.

Ok E***n found the unsensored versions here.

Thanks E***n


G-No Benedicto is back in the game.
He revealed on his Facebook that he has been practicing X-Ball with Vicious and will be playing 7-man with Arsenal Entourage at the USPL world Championships in Vegas.

If you can read tagalog... was asked what team are you on and he replies Vicious for Xball cup and Arsenal Evolution for 7man in Vegas. (I think)

Welcome back G-No!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


I am really stokked that Kiko sent me this to post on my blog. It is my pleasure to present the 2009 REAL PINOYS Jersey for the World Cup Asia.

The Real Pinoys are already well known to most paintballers in Singapore and Malaysia because the TRP jersey is always proudly worn by my great friend and teammate Kiko.

Everybody loves Kiko and I can tell you everybody and wants a REAL PINOY Jersey. I think they better make a few more #26 "THE ONE" jerseys because people will be wanting one. G-No - you want one?

The REAL PINOYs were Division 2 Champions at the 2008 World Cup Asia and this year they will be playing in Division 1. I am extremely proud and humbled to be invited to coach them during the WCA. I can't to be yelling on the sidelines for TRP!


Can you tell which one is "THE ONE"?