Thursday, October 29, 2009


Its great that we have a large number of Singaporean paintballers going up to play in the World Cup Asia this year. Teams like Red West and Contract Killers will be representing Singapore playing in Division 4.

With the announcement by the WCA orgainsers allowing D4 players to use their own barrels and loaders on the house markers - I am asking for the help from those players in Singapore who will not be playing but have loaders and barrels to lend to the Singaporean players who will need them.

So if you are like SBen who are not going to the WCA but do have a Vlocity loader and Furious Barrels to lend - please drop me a line as your help would really go along way for the guys who will be representing Singapore. I will try to make sure everyone has a loader and a barrel to use for the World Cup.

It is nice to know that Gerald is lending Kiko his Ego9 and rotor to play in Division 1 with the Real Pinoys. We love Kiko who lives and works in Singapore at the moment and we're supporting him in anyway we can at the World Cup. Nick and Keith will be crewing for the Real Pinoys to help out.

Thank you for your support.

PS SBen can you pls lend your Loader and Furious Barrel to Nick?


CALGAR said...

I am lending my

- elbow pads
- pods
- harness
- dye rotor
- vl jr dynasty ed

to chai hock and nick.

they better not lose any thing.

SEBURO said...

And they better not lose to we-know-who too