Monday, October 19, 2009

Singapore Paintball - Sans Center Line

The big announcement before the prize giving at SPNS yesterday - was Jane announcing that the PBAS Paintball Association of Singapore have convinced the Singapore Police to let everyone play paintball without the center line which non BTO certified tournament players were not allowed to cross.

This is a significant step for paintball in Singapore because the center line has always been a sore point in paintball in Singapore. The first steps to enable players to play on a field without and center line was to organise and certify players as 'tournament players' with the Basic Tournament Orientation famously known as the BTO.

The change of the rules set my the police is significant because it is the first time that a community of paintballers and people like Jane and Ben have managed to get this rule overturned. This opens the channel to further gain more grounds into other aspects which I shall refrain form discussing at this point in time. Furthermore it opens the opportunity to anyone to come and play paintball as the way it should be played.

I think we should savor what Jane and Ben have achieved and everyone too can share in this good news as your participation and enthusiasm of the sport to shows the authorities that Paintball is a legitimate and safe sport. Singapore Paintball has come a long way since the days of having the center line to joining the rest of the world to play without it holding us back.

Congratulations to Jane and Ben and every single one of you who have BTOed.

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Arthur said...

well... at least i can come and play paintball in sing. now if i can only bring my markers down.