Saturday, October 17, 2009


There are a few surprises on Friday at the USPL world Championships. The Bushwackers rocked up with an Ironmen on board. Chris Lasoya is back on Infamous. Nicky Cuba poped up on Phoenix United.

DYNASTY 6-1 was solid all day - playing their most comfortable format which is the 7 man on a 7 man field Angel Fragoza was fast in the snake, Justin Schwartz was a demon on the dorito side. They pretty much rolled a 6 win streak until their last game against Blast who by then had momentum.

BLAST 5-2 had a good day- Tyler Harmon and Dave Bains playing well on opposite sides of the field with World Champion Dave Bains dominating the Carwash. Blast finished second to Dynasty with a 5-2 record dropping their first game and settling to a good run of wins until their 6th game by which time they had Sunday wrapped up. They lost to Infamous who needed the win more than blast. Highlight of the day for Blast was Baines in the car wash vs Angel Fragoza in the snake. Ken Tsuda texted me "We are so far OK" to summarise the day for Blast.

INFAMOUS 5-2 did very well. They lost their first and third game but beat Blast and built a momentum with a win streak to run out the day. Infamous were having problems getting into the snake and dropping guys on the break. Rusty glaze was playing like Rusty glaze in the Doritos and they pulled it together. HIGHLIGHT was Chirs Lasoya playing for Infamous again creating moves down he middle of the field.

The surprise of the day was SCOTTSDALE ELEVATION 4-3 who came from nowhere to post a respectable 4 wins. Beating bigger names like Blast, Bushwackers, X Factor and Phoenix. They we clumsy at times getting whacked by Dynasty in less than 2 mins. But they did well to post 4 very deserving wins.

X FACTOR 3-4 who are traditionally an X Ball team struggled - they had some narrow losses despite playing well. The hight game was against Dynasty with former team mate Archie Montemayor on the otherside. Angel fragoza was blasingly fast- by the time the cameras and the commentators spotted him and said "Angel is in snake one - thats XFactors snake" He was way deep in X Factors side but the 3 remainding Texans held out a bit longer than expected.

EXPLCIT's 2-5 tournament ended with the huge gun penalty in their third game. Adamd was found with a gun that 'bounced' which was highly illegal. EXPLICIT got whacked with -100 points which is loss of a Win and a 6 game team penalty where they started with 1 man down and Adam Florendo was thrown out of the tournament and will be suspended for 2 tournaments. Very harsh punishment for a gun penalty and the team suffered losing every game except for 1 after the penalty was given. EXPLICIT go home with 2 and 4 record with one win deleted.

PHOENIX UNITED 2-5 featuring another Ironmen in Nicky Cuba couldnt get it together losing all but one win vs the Bushwackers. The second win was awarded to them from the EXPLICIT's gun penalty.

The Big story is that the BUSHWACKERS 1-6 are indeed alive and playing. Mike Paxton is playing for the Bushwackers in his Ironmen #55 jersey. Unfortunately that wasn't enough to take the Wackers to Sunday, finishing 1-6 they struggled to score wins after their one and only win in the first game against Infamous.


Tomorrow's games start at 12.52PM Vegas and 4AM Singapore time.
IND Indianapolis Mutiny
IMP Edmonton Impact
AVA St Louis Avalance
TPB Tampa Bay Damage
DCA DC Arsenal
SND Seattle Naughty Dogs
LEG Legend

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