Thursday, October 29, 2009


Matt(in Demonz jersey) from Furious Paintball who are our sponsors had a great weekend playing paintball in SF with Rob and his EXPLICIT boys. Shane Howe is smack in the middle of this pic looking like a model dude.

Got a couple of nice Tweets when I got home tonight.
our sponsors Dye, posted pictures on their Facebook of RED WEST our Junior team who are Grand Champions of SPNS for 2009 which qualifys them a spot at the World Cup Asia in Division 4

Congratulations Front Left-Right Gerald, Paul, Middle -Chee Yong, Fairuz, Julya and Sofie with the trophy - NOT forgetting Zach Hagy, Ryan Stoll and Mark who played on the team.

And Prince replied to my little inside joke about Milo which the pros had when they were in KL last year. *wink wink*

Finally this is a great picture from the World Cup. This is really special as former team mates on Infamous Shane Howe played on Aftermath 2 on the left and G-no who played with Vicious on the right met in the Semi Pro Final. Shane and G-no won Phoenix together on Infamous last year. G-no said on his Facebook that it sucked to have to beat Shane to win Semi Pro at the World Cup.

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