Friday, October 16, 2009


What is going on here? Everyone thought that The Bushwackers were dead- BUT they seems to have risen from the grave and registered a Pro team for USPL World Championships in Vegas.

When I tweeted this morning that the Bushwackers are registered and fielding a team with Brandon Short and Michael Paxton listed. Prince's response was Bushwackers are dead...I wanna know WTF is going on..

There have been rumours on that owner Ron Kilbourne would be fielding a totally new line up to restart the franchise. Could this be the new look Bushwackers?

There is the team list
Sean Cairl USPL Class: Division 3
Jaime Carrasco USPL Class: Division 3
Brandon Harrell USPL Class: Division 3
Christofer Hart USPL Class: Division 1
Ronald Kilbourne USPL Class: Division 1
Ken Nunes USPL Class: Division 1
Michael Paxson USPL Class: Pro
Brandon Short USPL Class: Pro
Austin Stanek USPL Class: Division 1
Tyler Swope USPL Class: Division 3

A few Division 3 names and Ron Kilbourne's name himself. And why would 2 Dye sponsored players be appearing for the Wackers? Brandon Short said he dropped off Scott Kemp at the airport today. Scott was going to Vegas - Brandon is not. Go figure.

And They are on the Schedule:
Fri 1:18 LA Infamous vs Bushwackers
Fri 1:58 Bushwackers vs Scottsdale Elevation
Fri 2:38 Oakland Blast vs Bushwackers
Fri 3:02 X-Factor vs Bushwackers
Fri 3:26 DYNASTY vs Bushwackers
Fri 3:50 Bushwackers vs Phoenix United
Fri 4:22 EXPLICIT vs Bushwackers

I guess we'll find out at 1pm/am when they are scheduled to play Infamous.

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