Monday, October 19, 2009


The 12 team captains will be voting for a tournament MVP in the forum in the next few days and I would say that my SPNS MVP would be Sofie who played on Red West. I am a touch biased because I was on the snake side all day and I had a few words to him during the tournament.

Sofie played great had solid games - no silly mistakes and did his job well. Red West pretty much controlled the snake side with Sofie and he was the game winning factor to in a couple of games for Red West. He has great sense of timing - read the games well and pulled a couple of big moves including bunkering 2 Five-O guys in the snake to score the win.

Well done Sofie.

Well done also to Red West who are 2009 SPNS Series Champions.
Gerald, Paul, Julya, Chee Yong, Sofie and the two Americans back home Ryan and Zach.
And a special mention also to Yazid who I thought played exceptionally well for his first tournament. He did everything well - held his lanes, shot and communicated well. And Yazid made it into the finals of the Top Gun 1 on 1 competition too. Well done.

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