Friday, September 17, 2010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Mark Ng is in the green Melbourne Mayhem jersey

We get visitors from all over the World who come and play and hang out with us at Red Dynasty. We've had some pretty good snake players who have dropped by and played with is and showed us some tips. Daniel Ong and Xkay Ong from XFox and recently Mark Ng who is a Singaporean studying in Melbourne and playing in the MXL Melbourne Xball League and PAVS - Paintball Association of Victoria. In Melbourne they play race to 7 points in 15 mins. Mark recently hooked up with Melbourne team House of Cards.

When I get asked "Why do I play paintball?" my answer would be "because I get to meet and make friends with other paintballers". Mark Ng is one of those really nice easy going paintballer that my team mates and I are most fortunate to make friends with. He is a snake player who plays in D1 in Melbourne Australia and I dare say very skilled and dedicated to the sport.

Mark told me he runs at night after midnight when its really cold during winter to acclimatise his body to playing in cold conditions. Over there it gets really cold playing in the mud in the snake and his legs and body can cramp up while being in the snake for too long. He runs 5km and 10km on alternate nights because in Melbourne Div1 play a race to 7 in 30 mins! Thats dedication.

Thank you Mark for dropping by and showing our Mark a few tips on getting into and playing the snake.

Tips and Tricks for SPS

I came up with an idea of each of us RED SEVENS presenting a paintball tip on video for those who are new to paintball who are going to play in SPS or in general. It's also to help generate some publicity for SPS.

The videos are here on SPS's Facebook.

My tip is to clean your barrels before every game and to carry a swab into the game so you can clean and clear ball breaks or dirt from the barrel when the shots start to stray.

Ivan's tip is the 3 point crawl in the snake- he shows how to do the 3 point crawl in the snake to get up as fast and low as possible

Ben show's how to break out with a mechanical marker with a gravity hopper - how its important to keep the marker level rather than bringing the market up from below the waistline.

Jane shows how to keep you marker up by resting it on the bunker while reloading.

Bengiun from Contract Killers tip is for the back corner player to wrap out and shoot at their center back.


I was chatting with Prince last week and thought of asking him to do a shoutout to the Paintballers in Singapore and wish them Good Luck for SPS. He said alright "I do it right now" and he went off and did a short video shoutout and sent it to me within 10 mins of my asking.

Thus video has 108 views to date and about 5-6 other guys I know have reposted it on their Facebook walls.

Thanks Prince for doing this the guys really appreciate it.

Stay tuned for more shoutouts.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


My friend from Iran Nimaa sent me these pictures a while ago and I misplace them until now. He had an interesting observation- that the Feedneck on the MacDev Clones were less than secure.
Here are a few incriminating photos to support the case.

Exhibit A - feedneck fails while on the run

Exhibit B - feedneck fails and its still attached to the Rotor

Exhibit C - Aleksadr Berdnikov after diving into the snake

Exhibit D

Exhibit E - Justin Rabackoff in the same spot and situation as Aleksadr

Exhibit F - doesn't only happen to Rotors in this case a Vlocity too

Many thanks to Nimaa for this post.

MPOC5 Field

The field for MPOC5 is up on their Facebook - a whole month early this time.
Thank yous to the organisers at the MPOC. Looks like a nice long snake and a stretch on Doritos for our snake and D guy to run down.

Most importantly to note is that MPOC5 will be held at the MPSJ Mini Stadium which is here on Google Maps - thanks to Daniel.


A lot of people have been asking me for the Angel Fly Mask (I dont know why)
We'll be bringing a few back directly from Paintball Extravaganza in October - so If you really want to be one of the first in Asia to rock one - let me know now.

Just be wary that it's going to look like this on your noggin.