Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Mark Ng is in the green Melbourne Mayhem jersey

We get visitors from all over the World who come and play and hang out with us at Red Dynasty. We've had some pretty good snake players who have dropped by and played with is and showed us some tips. Daniel Ong and Xkay Ong from XFox and recently Mark Ng who is a Singaporean studying in Melbourne and playing in the MXL Melbourne Xball League and PAVS - Paintball Association of Victoria. In Melbourne they play race to 7 points in 15 mins. Mark recently hooked up with Melbourne team House of Cards.

When I get asked "Why do I play paintball?" my answer would be "because I get to meet and make friends with other paintballers". Mark Ng is one of those really nice easy going paintballer that my team mates and I are most fortunate to make friends with. He is a snake player who plays in D1 in Melbourne Australia and I dare say very skilled and dedicated to the sport.

Mark told me he runs at night after midnight when its really cold during winter to acclimatise his body to playing in cold conditions. Over there it gets really cold playing in the mud in the snake and his legs and body can cramp up while being in the snake for too long. He runs 5km and 10km on alternate nights because in Melbourne Div1 play a race to 7 in 30 mins! Thats dedication.

Thank you Mark for dropping by and showing our Mark a few tips on getting into and playing the snake.

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