Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tips and Tricks for SPS

I came up with an idea of each of us RED SEVENS presenting a paintball tip on video for those who are new to paintball who are going to play in SPS or in general. It's also to help generate some publicity for SPS.

The videos are here on SPS's Facebook.

My tip is to clean your barrels before every game and to carry a swab into the game so you can clean and clear ball breaks or dirt from the barrel when the shots start to stray.

Ivan's tip is the 3 point crawl in the snake- he shows how to do the 3 point crawl in the snake to get up as fast and low as possible

Ben show's how to break out with a mechanical marker with a gravity hopper - how its important to keep the marker level rather than bringing the market up from below the waistline.

Jane shows how to keep you marker up by resting it on the bunker while reloading.

Bengiun from Contract Killers tip is for the back corner player to wrap out and shoot at their center back.

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