Friday, January 22, 2010


Alright paintball fans this is hardcore paintball fans - we have some exclusive PB goodies and Original DVDs for sale at WCA from our sponsors PAINTBALLERS WORLD.
Come and see us at the RED SEVENS table in the D2 area.

Original BRING OUT YOUR DEAD DVD from DERDER and Monkey With A Gun's Cerial Killers 2 DVD. If you're a fan of XSV we have a Beatdown city Belt for sale.

Paintballers World is the official distributor for SEED's Rotor Upgrade. Come and see us for a demo and watch the Seeds anti jam movement. It will clear ball jams for you.
Here is what you get in a SEED box: A new board and 2 new high speed motors and a custom SEED gear to drive those pbs down the feedneck faster.

Player A t shirt. "I wipe Hits" in front - a great paintball t shirt.

Everyone is a fan of DERDER's SHORT BUS - be the only one to wear the official t shirt.

This is the Cerial Killers 2 set- original DVD plus the official CK2 MWAG headband which is highly sought after by MWAG collectors.

And lastly we have 4 colourful limited edition KM headbands to give away FREE with every purchase. First come first serve

We'll also have macro line for sale incase you need one.

*All DVDs are Originals

Paintballers World is the official distributor for KM Straps, SEED, DERDER, and MONKEY WITH A GUN DVD. Check out our website for more great PB stuff

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eric aka cirem said...

eh brother... I want the shortbus tshirt!