Friday, January 11, 2008

MPOC Schedule


1st Leg - Kuala Lumpur -16/17th February

2nd Leg - Ipoh - 5/6th April

3rd Leg - Penang - 31 May/1 st June

4th Leg - PJ - 9/10th August

Finals - Johor - 24/25/26th October

Looks like we're going to Ipoh for the first time this year. When we were driving up to Penang last year and passing Perak I was thinking would be nice to play in Ipoh.

Its good thing they scrapped the idea of playing in Perlis. There are 2 legs in KL/PJ which is ok for us to travel I guess but its basically the same place. I hope the KL leg is not at bloody Xtion because that place is a shit hole when it rains. The PJ leg will most probably be where the World Cup was which was ok because Amcorp Mall and the Putra train station was nearby.

Penang is nice to play in- good food and friendly people. The Penang teams are really friendly and it'll be nice to play there.

By far the best venue is in JB. The last JB MLOC leg they threw a gala dinner for us before the tournament and the field was good and the team tables were on hard ground. They were very smart- all the walking air tent and team tents were on hard ground. So min damage to the field and min mud even though it did rain. I like playing at the JB field and we get to sleep in our one beds at home in Singapore. So JB is like our 'home' tournament.

And the JB finals will be on my birthday- we're going to have a BBQ at our tent.

The World Cup Asia is going to be in Terengganu- I think Paul is too ambitious with this venue. Its too far to travel even for some teams in Malaysia and for us in Singapore and I highly doubt that the foreign teams will want to travel all the way there which is even futher from KL.

Well I hope with the arrival of our bunkers next week and etc we'll get time to train and do well.

Next week - practice guys - after we figure out how to air and secure the sup'air bunkers.


Daniel (Junior) said...

Don't worry. Johor will not be your home tournament for long. Keep your fingers crossed and who knows the MPOC may cross over to Singapore one fine day.

Anonymous said...

Need help to setup your sup-air bunkers?there's one guy based in JB called Ravi who is experienced enough to help you guys. He is the guy that setup the 3 fields during WCA

Gary said...

Paul too ambitous hah? He better be, coz next year 2009 u guys might play in borneo, how bout that :p anyway seriously guy, would teams be willing to play in Kota Kinabalu?