Saturday, October 6, 2007

Game On

Sat 6th October 3 weeks before my birthday and 5 weeks to MPOC Johore Cup. Tomorrow Calgar, Evil Chef and I are going up to Octville to play - what the heck its been 2 weeks since I last played paintball.

I’m Starting this blog to blog my paintball stuff- I spend a lot of time playing and doing paintball related stuff – and I am generally bored with nothing to do when I’m not playing paintball so what the heck.


Facefull is the mag that we paintballers covert every month. It’s the mag we read and it features speedball 100%. Other mags throw in recball and scenario which ain’t our scene.

Last night I went to Kino and bought all 3 copies for FACEFULL one for Calgar and one reserved for Dragon Boi. The other guys on the team EvilChef, Elle and King subscribe so they get their copies through the mail. I suppose I like the thrill of going to Kino and getting a copy "fresh" from the shelves.

Facefull is hard to find and only a few copies are available every month. Facefull sells out regularly - we always wonder “who the hell else buys Facefull in Singapore’- there must be other paintballers out there or at least people who are interested in playing. At $20 a copy you have to be a serious player to buy it regularly.

The other magazines we read are Action Pursuit Games but they mix in a lot of scenario games into their editorial and more often than not I find them anti-speedball and pro scenario. So I stopped buying them – plus their articles are short and they write like kids sometimes. Not to mention old- they featured a “Singaporean team” who played in the nations cup- that was a makeshift team and that was from 2004! King wrote an email to them in disgust because he wrote an article about the RedSevens and they printed this old story about a “team” who played in one tournament so long ago. Again – there are people in Singapore who buy APG so I stick a small RedSevens flyer into them when I see copies at Borders.

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