Saturday, October 13, 2007

Pimped my Vlocity

I weighed it at the office and it was 420grams without paint in it- by rough estimation its about 1/3 lighter than my Pulse loader.

How much did it cost?
USD$110 (SGD160) + SGD$22 vpost
= SGD$182 that is RM410 - RM190 cheaper than getting it in KL

I dismantled the Vlocity and put in the "speedfeed" I bought like 2 months ago at PALS in August. At first I thought I could fit the whole thing inside the shell as seen in some in pbnation but I found that mine has to go outside. And it clips on like and flips up like the old lid as you secure it in place with the hinge pin.

Tested it with some old paint I had and it seemed to work quite fast.... it's damn noisy though. The balls tend to "stick" inside when you 'stop shooting' but many my paint is old. From initial observation - the PULSE is smoother and faster but the Vlocity is much lighter despite needing 2 9v batteries. The PULSE only requires 1 9v which saves on weight however it is still heavier overall.

I do like the old school switch which is as DARLIE once described to me as "idiot-proof" compared to HALOS and PULSE where you have to press the 'on' button and translate a series of green/red blips to tell if its on or not. Something which is annoying when you're at the starting gate and wondering if your loader is on or not. I have started 1-2 games with my loader off :P

Next is to get a red shell

And I really love these custom chromed Vlocities - I wonder how they did these - with chrome paint or stickers?

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tecno-teekopek said...

chromed paint lah.. stickers just can't do compound curves and those wierd bends around the corners without crimping.
If you can find a good autobody shop in SG, you can buy automotive paint - premixed to your liking and have them spray it. Frakking cool man.