Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I'm back in!

Thanks to google who sent me a reset password link this morning - I reset my password- and I'm back in!

Thanks to many of you who emailed and MSN to try and help me.

If you think that the pop-ups are too annoying - do drop a note in the cbox.

I am considering removing and looking for something else.

And yes I wrote my username and password down :P


techno-teekopek said...

IT's your FREE COUNTER or CHATBOX that is causing the POP-UPS!!!
So I'd suggest you just get rid of them for now and see what happens.
Also there are other free counters that do not engage in these pop-ups.

ResidentEvilChef said...

and it's causing safari to crash..

SEBURO said...

I am changing both of them...