Sunday, October 7, 2007

What is a Seburo?

I get asked 'What is a Seburo?'. If you Google it - Wikipedia explains it all.

Major Motoko Kusinagi of Section 9 in Ghost in the Shell with her Seburo M-5

Seburo is a fictional manufacturer commonly found in many of the works of manga artist Masamune Shirow. He frequently attributes the Seburo name to advanced, high-velocity, small-caliber weapons, similar in concept to firearms using 5.7x28mm SS190 and 4.6x30mm bullets in that their primary role is to pierce armour. Recent documents seem to suggest that Seburo is the small arms branch of Poseidon Industrial -- another fictional Shirow company. In the Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex PlayStation 2 game, the in-game "word list" describes Seburo as having been founded in 2024. The phrasing of the entry suggests that, in the Ghost in the Shell universe, the company is partly owned and controlled by Section 9. Many Seburo weapons feature a triple-circle motif, and some promotional materials for Ghost in the Shell suggest that this is a company logo.

I like the other Seburo sub models like the CX below; on the bottom is the MN-23 based on the French FAMAS rifle.

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