Sunday, March 21, 2010

PSP PHOENIX Results and mini report

Here are the Pro Division Results from the Prelims from PSP Phoenix

Friday Results
Russian Legion 7 vs. Omaha Vicious 4
X-Factor 7 vs. XSV 4
Ironmen 4 vs. Impact 7
Dynasty 4 vs. Infamous 7
Aftershock 7 vs. Vicious 6
Damage 7 vs. XSV 1
Dynasty 7 vs. Impact 6

Vicious had a baptism of fire playing the world Champions who kept pretty much their World Cup line up. They performed credibly by taking 4 points from the Russians
Ironmen dropped their first match of the season against Impact- signs of worse things to come.
In the big game between Infamous and Dynasty- the Short bus crew managed to string a huge 6 point come back from 1-4 to win it over Dynasty.
Vicious came so close to their first win in Pro just losing out to Aftershock 7-6 Billy Bernacchia was judged to have a hit on him after hanging the flag so the point went over to Aftershock.
XSV had a bad day getting 2 beatdowns, the last one was a 1-7 trashing by Damage which was starting to really kick in.
Dynasty managed to pull it together and squeeze one win over Impact which was hot after beating the Ironmen 7-6

Saturday Results
Impact 5 vs XSV 7
Ironmen 6 vs Infamous 7
Legion 7 vs X-Factor 2
Damage 7 vs Aftershock 5
Infamous 7 vs Vicious 5
Legion 3 vs Dynasty 7
X-Factor 6 vs Aftershock 7
Damage 7 vs Ironmen 5

XSV resorted some respect with a win over Impact they have to sit and wait for other results as 2 other teams had 1-2 record.
Ironmen lost again to in form Infamous and Damage to wrap up a woeful Phoenix campaign.

So going into Sunday night the top 6 teams that go through to Sunday are
1 Tampa Bay Damage 3-0
2 LA Infamous 3-0
3 Boston Red Legion 2-1
5 Chicago Aftershock 2-1
6 Edmonton Impact 1-2
7 X-Factor 1-2
8 Sacramento XSV 1-2
9 Los Angeles Ironmen 0-3
10 VICIOUS 0-3

Tampa Bay Damage did the job with a solid 3-0 wins over Ironmen XSV and Vicious
My dark horse pick for PHX is Infamous which have guys who a point to prove. Infamous with ex Dynasty and ex Ironmen is filled with experience and a mixture of youth. I am picking them for the final.

Dynasty had a bad start but managed to turned it around with solid performances even taking some Russian scalp along the way. Dynasty has struck a good balance between the old guard and new guys like Glenn Takemoto and Chad George contributing.

Red Legion didn't not go undefeated but they did the business- dropping their last game to a resurgent Dynasty. They definitely will be in the final four.

Aftershock seems to the the team to watch. Filled with big names coming back from time out of the game. They fought epic battles against Vicious, Damage and X-Factor. They would either be too tired having played 38 points the most in Pro Division or fired up going into Sunday.

There were 3 teams with a 1-2 record hoping to get the 6th and final spot. Impact, Xfactor and XSV and it looks like Impact has take it. Although Pbnation says that XFactor are in.

XSV did ok but just not enough. They just need that bit more to get a second win to make it to Sunday.

When I met Mikko in Kuching 2 weeks ago and finding out that he and Ollie will be in Pattaya the following weekend - I knew then that the Ironmen will lack practice going to Phoenix. Trouble was afoot and and going with 6 guys on the roster was really cutting it thin. They cut their team down to a min and they paid for it. Second last and no wins. As Scott Kempt put it "It's a gloomy day for the Ironmen"

Vicious are last with a 0-3 record but they deserve a lot of credit. They did themselves proud and took points from seasoned teams and almost scored their first win taking a very good Aftershock down to the wire only to lose 6-7. They did not lie down and got rolled over but fought back. Vicious have a lot of positives to take home and work on.

My Final 4
Tampa Bay - Infamous - Dynasty - Red Legion

Final Infamous Red Legion

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