Thursday, March 4, 2010


Furious Paintball has signed team Desert Edge which is one of the most recognised names in woodsball.
The press release is as follows.


Matthew, at Furious is excited to work with Desert Edge, and is genuinely interested in Paintball as a whole.” Says Dan. "Matthew is currently working with the UWL (Ultimate Woodsball League) in organizing a tournament series in Malaysia. Dan adds, “Matthew has strong ties with the paintball community, both in the U.S. and Malaysia. This may be our chance to reach the Paintball community on a more global level.”

Furious Paintball’s Matthew Nekvapil comments, “Furious Paintball sees an opportunity in the Scenario market. We have always wanted to get in there and work with a great scenario team, which we have found with Team Desert Edge.”

Matthew continues, “We are excited about the fact that they are enthusiastic to work with us. They have been around for some time, their results speak for themselves. At Furious, we pride ourselves on our customer service. The teams we work with is a testament to this. We feel that Desert Edge is the right fit with Furious.”

Furious Paintball specializes in custom and precision manufacturing of paintball equipment. They are most recognized by their beautifully handcrafted barrels and their ultra long lasting paintball batteries. The founder, an enthusiastic paintball player demands only the best and most reliable equipment and as a result of that, Furious Paintball came into being.

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Wow great going Desert Edge.