Tuesday, March 30, 2010


If your team is lucky enough to have jerseys made by Tanked - they will feature it on their Facebook which is something special for all Tanked sponsored teams.

The Red Sevens are the first and currently the only team in Asia to have jerseys custom designed and made by Tanked in the Platinum Series. The Platinum Series is Tanked's top-of-the-line jersey with generous paddings on the chest, shoulders and arms and the signature built-in glove at the end of the sleeve with padding. The Tanked Platinum jersey is no doubt the Mercedes Benz of paintball jerseys in terms of design and quality.

Comfort is maximised with the open collar which has a big opening to allow the jersey to be put on over caps head gear and even with the mask on your head (carefully)

We have a limited number of the RED SEVENS PALS EDITION Tanked Jerseys for sale at www.paintballersworld.com. We sold one last Saturday night right after I tweeted first pictures of the jersey.

Thanks to Philip at Tanked!

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