Thursday, March 25, 2010

SEBURO EXCLUSIVE Ironmen Clinic in Pattaya pt3

Ollie Lang is here teaching break outs. He talks about the stance to take at the start and how you look at and shoot down the field.

He gives us the "secret" which is to sight your target with your marker first and then rotate your gun to touch the starting gate without moving your head and eyes from the target.

Mikko Huttunen shows how to put up your marker up in the shortest movement which is from the front side up, rather than coming all the way around from the other side.

I got an extra tip from Mikko after the clinic - what he taught me was to shoot not one but two lanes on the break.

What Mikko does on the break out is that he will shoot 6 balls straight down at their center back first. He does this hoping to hit their guys who are standing there laning or just about to run out to the corners.

After the quick 6 balls he turns his marker to the lane he wants to shoot like the corner bunker or the entrance to the snake.

So the first 6 balls is the extra lane that he shoots to try and take a chance that it might get an easy kill at their center back.

On a personal note - I tired doing this at Pattaya and I must say that its quite hard to shoot the two lanes in one breakout movement. You have to practice it a lot and it also depends on the bunker positions.

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