Saturday, March 20, 2010


Thank Yous
I want to thank everyone who was with us in Pattaya supporting us and the well wishes from back home. The guys on Contract Killers who came out and supported and helped to crew - Shark, Sham, Nick, Keith, Fuzz 1, Fuzz 2 and Mayor. Back home we thought of guys at the Red Dynasty field Kiko, Ben Jr, Kenny and even Benguin.

Dye for providing us with superb playing gear and the super fast and smooth DM9 and NT markers. Being there on hand to service our markers. The Ironmen Ollie, Mikko and Dave for coming out to give the clinic. It was great to have our friends Zyzek and Devon from Dye Asia there to share the victory.

Matthew from Furious who was with us through out the finals and coached our final game. Thank you for believing in us and for the great Furious barrrels which the Red Sevens shot through 17 games without any ball breaks.

SEED for taking a chance with us. With the help for the SEED Rtr upgrade the Red Sevens did not have a problem with our loaders all weekend. We shot through any ball jams because the SEED automatically clears it by itself.

Dennis Tan of KCHL for the Stako Tanks and Myth Regulators - thank you for the bottle of Johnnie Walker to celebrate our win at the players party.

Thank you to all the guys from XFox, Gary, Daniel, Sani and Redza who are always there to encourage and teach us. Sani, Hooi and Redz was there with the Xtioneers

The Malaysian Marshalls and the Thai Marshalls who worked in the sun all weekend. Junaidi and Ulrich who made sure everything ran smoothly.

Patrick Tan and Propaintball
Thank you to Patrick Tan and Tom and the propaintball team for such a memorable tournament. All the hard work and attention to detail to players comfort was greatly appreciated.

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