Sunday, June 29, 2008


Woah damn- they played the finals on Sat and Make Carthy and his Tampa Bay Damage boyz beat Aftermath 5-3 in the rain delayed final. LaSoya's boys brought their game from JAX to Chi town and make it all the way to the fianls- amazing. Ironmen and Dynasty went all the way to the semis too- sadly we missed a chance at another Dynasty Ironmen epic. My 2 picks of Infamous and X-Factor finished a respectable 5th-6th.

Those who voted in my poll for Legion would have been disappointed at their 9th place finish. I guess losing all their star players is really making a dent in their aspirations. To add insult to the injury the Americans and their ex Legionaire Kosta Federov finished ahead of them.

The no1 ranked team going into Chicago finished 9th and the 9th ranked team finished first. Cant get any ironic than that in Paintball.

Event Standings:
01st - Damage
02nd - Aftermath
03rd - Ironmen
04th - Dynasty
05th - X-Factor
06th - Infamous
07th - Americans
08th - Impact
09th - Legion
10th - Avalanche
11th - N. Dogs
12th - Aftershock

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