Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I've been working like a dog the last week and tonight I left the office at 12am.

Those who have been online know that I'm still in the office late at night after the bosses go home and I log into MSN.

It hasn't been easy trying to keep this job - do my work and having to juggle phone calls and trying to organise things for the team. There are a few things to handle for the 2 up coming tournaments and having people scream at me isn't helping. I get yelled at work enough as it is.

I am in the process of setting up an online chat for PB- I have got a new email specifically for this for MSN - will post up the details when I'm ready. As it is I cant even make a dinner date because the job will probably kill it when I have to work on something.

On another note I found out that Ryan lives near where the Chicago PSP was held over the weekend- I'm looking forward to hearing stories from him when he gets back in August.

Ryan is looking for a nick name for the team jersey- any suggestions to something that goes with Ryan Stoll?

Which reminds me I have to do the art work for the names/numbers for the team jersey.

Its 2am and I have to crash.

Check back for info on the paintball chat session and my new private paintball blog.

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