Monday, July 7, 2008

Jackie Chiau-ed

Today Calgar found Jackie Chiau's blog which basically ripped off text and photos - including Resident Evil Chef's Photos from our team website and from Red Dynasty's website.

This is not the first time I find my stuff on other people's blogs. I had a reporter writing to me about doing a story about paintball in Singapore and she referred me to this guy's paintball blog and I found myself reading stuff I wrote.

I was in two minds about people ripping me off- on one hand I thought its nice to be "quoted". But this Jackie Guy ripped off our pictures and put "Images courtesy of the Red Sevens". We never ever gave him any permission to re publish anything. For now I'm not too keen on people copying my blog and copying me and my team.

People who "copy" what we do - start a team- buy a mask or two- some jerseys- start a blog- talk about things we talked about a year ago- ask questions about owning markers in Singapore etc.

Let me offer a few tips to those who are new to paintball in Singapore.

1. You're a noob - you'll be called a noob - get used to it. Don't bitch on you blog because people call you a noob.
2. Be a little more creative. Don't call your team Red ________.
3. Don't ask questions like - why can't we?/when can we own makers in Singapore?
Have a read around the forums and blogs- its been talked to death.
4. Don't make a fucking big team banner - because it'll be fucking troublesome to pack it when you do travel to play tournaments- (assuming you're going to play overseas).
5. When you write your blogs- don't cut and paste from mine or from any of our websites. If you're going to cut and paste from Wikipedia....that is lame. Any noob would have looked up the same shit before.
6. Don't take/link photos without asking.
7. If you're going to put something up - you better back it up and stand by it.
8. Putting up a Tag box is really asking to be flamed on ramping mode. - (look up ramping mode on Wikipedia)
9. Everybody- I mean everybody has thought of being a paintball dealer and sell pb shit way before you. So don't be a noob and call Dye to ask for a dealership without checking who the dealer here is first.

Well- while I was writing this – Jackie Chiau took down both his Singapore Paintball Club and Red Lions blogs because he got too much heat from everyone. From us and from Resident Evil- who's photos were used without permission.

I cant wait to meet this guy.

Ok I have coined a new phrase- if you "got Jackie Chiau-ed" means you got fucked up by everyone. I think the whole Paintball Fraternity in Singapore wants to meet this guy..


Daniel Goh @ Junior said...

Heck... I'm from Malaysia and I wanna meet this guy too! :-P

noir said...

man! you guys really busted him good huh?

i love the last bit.. the last point. effing good one..

Gorgon said...

Bring him to the field and i'll make him wish he didn't do all that crap. He can have any marker and i'll take a spyder tlx anytime on him. I'll pulverized him. hahaha

CALGAR said...

He went to lock his

You can find him at

Anonymous said...

hahahaha.... why i never think of jackie chiau's move when i was a noob last time?? i think if i did dat all pbllers in malaysia wont play with me.. then i have to play alone in my bedroom under the bed with my cat.. hahahaha..

another wanna be pb star.. too soon la bradder.. too soon..