Thursday, July 17, 2008


NPPL fields are always set up for max entertainment value- one dorito side and one snake side. The snake side is set up with 'spikes' and cakes and the maya smack in the midle- heck man it's like sucking players to go in there and play. Playing the snake is like another game all together- if both teams send players into the same snake- you'll have 2 games for the price of one- it'll be a huge snake battle.

There is nothing much at the back- they're gonna make you run if you want to secure those corners. This is a 7 man man field- count the bunkers you think you can make and place 7 guys on the break- NOT EASY. Watched the D2 guys played last night- if you're gg to take the 30 and even the 40 bunkers you're going to have to haul ass and DIVE into them. The center lanes are quite open so the opposite backs will be laning your ass down the centre.

For dorito fans- they put in 2 car washers on the dorito side. And at an angle- so you have to be careful where you play in the car wash- if you're in the wrong spot their 45 will have an angle on you. Last night there was some hot battles on the dorito side between the car washes- close up snap shooting action. Plus you have two big Ds on the 30s should you dare you go the highway side to shoot out their car wash guys. I cant wait to see Ollie and Nicky play this field.

Is SNAKE heaven- this will be THE field to watch in terms of game watchablity - dual snake tapes will be a heaven for teams with a few good snake players- Ironmen and Dynasty will be the ones who will play 'em snakes. Teams with great snake players like Angel (Dynasty) and Nicky (Ironmen) and Alex Goldman (Aftermath) will have a field day in the SPYDER field. Because you'll have a 3 factor game - 2 snake sides and the centre field. No one will be taking the 30s unless they can shoot out the snakes on the breaks. The centre zone will be a kill zone until both the tapes are taken care of.

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