Saturday, July 26, 2008

Buffalo Guns

Here is a look at what some of the pros were shooting at Buffalo

Team XSV shot mainly blue 08 egos. No sign on a custom nor a PL ego for them this year

TT shot a brown 08 ego - yucks

The Hurricanes are one of only 2 teams who got PL SL8Rs

Ryan Greenspan shot a Luxe while the other Dynasty guys shot their usual Dynasty Shockers. Cult team HK is so popular that even guys on the best team in the universe are wearing HK Army headbands.

XFactor shot their PL 08 Ego - nice.

DC Monstars were shooting MacDevs- here we have a gorgeous Gold Cyborg

Sunset Cyborg - looks familair ;)

This looks like a custom 'wrapped' Droid. Looks nice.

WAIT A MINUTE!?!? Russian Legion shooting a Luxe!?!?!

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