Sunday, July 6, 2008

Millenium Series Coverage Update 2am Sun Xtioneers are 10th!

Malaysian team Xtioneers are 10th with Raskals in 18th out of 42 teams!

Xtioneers won 4 out of their 5 prelim games dropping one game against British team Medway Halloween and scoring 12 points - not bad for their first day's work and only 2 points behind leaders Impact another British team.

Xtioneers prelim games
Dexterity 0/-2 3/2 Xtioneer Malaysia
Medway Halloween 3/4 0/-4 Xtioneer Malaysia
Dark Schtroumpfs 2 0/-5 3/5 Xtioneer Malaysia
Dutchpaintball 0/-4 3/4 Xtioneer Malaysia
Revolution 0/-2 3/2 Xtioneer Malaysia

Raskal prelim games- they lost their first two games and managed to recover and win 3 straight to score 9 points and finish 18th.

Evil Raptors 3/2 0/-2 Raskal
Freekz 3/5 0/-5 Raskal
Cannistery 0/-2 3/2 Raskal
Aphrodites 0/-4 3/4 Raskal
Last Down 0/-4 3/4 Raskal

EDIT- Xtioneers were 9th and Raskal 17th on Sunday. They adjusted the tables.

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