Friday, July 25, 2008

#17's DM, KM8 and MH DM7

Ol' Number Seventeen has got a special edition DM8. On sale for a whopping USD$1600

You should be familiar with this KM8 - for sale at the same price as Ollie's for USD$1600. But it has better value because it comes with Hand Polished Billy Wing Bolt, NuSkool Tricknowledge Edition Hater Board, 0.692 14" Dye Ultra Lite Barrel and Nicky's KM NuSkool Goggle Strap.
This is a real "Limited Edition" with edition number 13 engraved.

This is a Mikko Huttunen special blue MH editon DM7 - although I have never seen him shoot a blue DM7. For USD$800 which is rather cheap.

The KM8 is way much better but also way much more expensive.

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