Sunday, July 13, 2008

Rotting Away at bus stops

I seem to be spending a lot of time rotting away at bus stops. This week alone I got into the shits with the company because on Tues the bus was half and hour late.

Today the bus took so long that by the time it arrived it was fucking 530- which meant there wasnt much point going to the field. I spend half the day waiting for the HDB contractors to fix all the windows at my new flat and then half the afternoon waiting for my t shirts to be printed at SGL.

It was a whole day of waiting for people to do things before I can move on.

If they want more people to stop driving and take the public transportation - they're doing a fucked up job at encouraging people like me to stick to it with the inconsistent service. It always says 12-15 mis between busses on the information box- but I have sat thru my 20-30 min rots this week alone.

Anyway I gave up at 5.40 and went to mass and carried my whole paintball kit to Serene Center and bought hot dogs for dinner.

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