Saturday, July 19, 2008

Selected Pro team game schedules

NOTE: that all times listed below in US Time is the opposite to Singapore/Malaysia
so games starting at 11AM their time is 11PM in SIN/MAL.

Infamous plays the first two games against a team that won the last PSP and the Ironmen who won the first NPPL of the season. Then they have to face the hot Hurricanes who finished top 4 in JAX and Aftermath who is the hot team at the moment coming from their win in JAX.
11:20 AM Tampa Bay Damage
12:10 PM Golden State Ironmen
12:50 PM New England Hurricanes
2:10 PM San Diego Dynasty
2:10 PM Escondido Aftermath
2:40 PM Chicago Aftershock
3:20 PM Pittsburgh All Americans
4:40 PM Oakland Blast

The big news is that Ironmen will have to play their first 6 games with one man short. 12 They incurred a penalty (which is a bit of a controversy) - we're not too clear that exactly that is. But the Ironmen offered to play with 1 man short and the NPPL accepted it as a penalty.

Ironmen have a tough tough line up- they will face their arch-rivals Dynasty at 3:20PM with the days best line up. And they will go against former Captin Bob Long's Blast team at 12:40. After that is a tough line up they play PSP winners Damage who are on a hot roll. Then the Hurricanes who I think can beat them- then they play Dynasty and then Aftermath. Its going to be a long day for the 'men and it'll have a big test for the team to get through to Sunday. I wont be surprised if they either not get through or just barely scrape thru to Sunday.

11:30pm Pittsburgh All Americans
12:10 PM Los Angeles Infamous
12:40 PM Oakland Blast
1:20 PM Tampa Bay Damage
2:40 PM New England Hurricanes
3:20 PM San Diego Dynasty
4:10 PM Escondido Aftermath
4:50 PM Chicago Aftershock

Dynasty should make it to the final rounds with no problems. They have one of THE best snake players around in Angel Fragoza and he will do a lot of damage. Dynasty's first game will be a hoot against the previous winners Aftermath. The big game will be against former Captain Ollie Lang's Ironmen at 3:20.
Dynasty also picked up big names like Damage, Hurricanes and Aftermath. This weekend is full of big name match ups.

Dynasty fans will have a good time- better than Ironmen fans

11:20 AM Escondido Aftermath
12:00 PM Chicago Aftershock
12:50 PM Pittsburgh All Americans
1:30 PM Los Angeles Infamous
3:20 PM Golden State Ironmen
2:10 PM Oakland Blast
2:50 PM Tampa Bay Damage
4:00 PM New England Hurricanes

more line ups when i wake up.

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