Thursday, June 12, 2008

I have moved

I have moved to a new place in Queenstown. Its a 5 room flat (4 bed rooms) 1 room has landlord’s stuff but I can store my stuff in there. The place is right behind the old police station next to the MRT and Ikea and queensway is just down the road.

I have big dilemma cos the place doesn’t have much cabinets and etc. Even the bathroom doesn’t have a cabinet for tolietries.

I haven't really unpacked thus my mac is not yet set up mac in my room thus I haven’t had the chance to post in my blog.


noir said...

daeng... thats far.. from the east all the way there!

SEBURO said...

what to do- bo pian man. but its easy to get around esp to the city and queensway- i love queensway