Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Red Sevens will join the REDZ family of team XSV, New England Hurricanes and DC Arsenal. I'm going to KL this weekend to meet up with Andrew of Werdnahol Sports and grab a couple of the REDZ Special Team Edition Gear.

Only 3 of each spec of each team edition packs is available in the whole of Malaysia and Werdnahol teams get first dibs on them. The new REDZ packs are so hard to get - even the pros are currently not selling their own packs. I wouldn't mind getting a N.E England or XSV REDZ pack.

However - since we're are already sponsored by NXe- we will not be using the Redz packs - we will use the jerseys until our customised set arrives. The Red Sevens' junior team - Red Fraction will also have REDZ jerseys available to them.

I am already a REDZ user with the feedneck clamp on my Cyborg and the RedZ Straight thru squeegie in my gear bag.

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