Tuesday, June 17, 2008

07 PL Ego Poll

Thanks to everyone who voted!

The Infamous gun was the early favourite of many including me. Most of my good baller friends all voted for the yellow gun too.

But the Hurricane's Ego is staging a big comeback and is only like 3 votes behind the Infamous gun.

Keep 'em coming if you're a first time visitor- vote for your fav gun.
There is 2 more weeks left to vote. (Click on the picture above to get a better look at the details)

Here are some stats on my blog
This week alone I have had a total of 1189 page loads on my blog
787 unique visitors
606 first time visitors
181 returning visitors

Most of the traffic path comes direct to seburo.blogspot.com- which means most of the returning visitors bookmark this blog.

80% of search traffic comes from Google
11% from Yahoo


CALGAR said...

Infamous PL reminds me of a Tiger

SEBURO said...

Its Johnny Cash in the design.

noir said...

Infamous PL for the Win la... i've been voting it whenever the poll allows me.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHH