Wednesday, January 26, 2011


L-R Seburo Edition, Gold for Ivan, Titanium series and Rainbow Series
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I was looking at some tools to add to my kit. These guys from Switzerland make awesome looking hex tools BUT unfortunately all the good looking ones are in metric and Dye uses inch :(

Those who shoot Egos guys could use these though.

They have a series in Rainbow and they can do kits in "Personal Colour" Green, Blue, Red, Yellow etc- so you know which ones are yours. There is 24k gold kit and a set in super lightweight Titanium.

I use this 3/32 Screw Driver from Bondhus to access the grip on my DM9 and to change the top plate/hopper lid for the Rotor. This is the most useful tool in my kit. If you have a Dye/Proto marker and want one - email me. Cost is about SGD10/USD7.8 each.

I'm also ordering a 3/16 screwdriver for adjusting the Chrono on Dye Hyper 3 Regs. To take off the whole Hyper 3 reg for servicing and cleaning you'd need a 5/16 hex key which is not available as a screwdriver.

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Anonymous said...

egos use inches too bro.. hehe