Thursday, January 27, 2011


PALS CHINA has been postponed to a tentative date April 29- May1 because the original date runs the same time as the Boao Forum.

WTF is a the "Boao Forum"? well it is a "a non-government, non-profit international organization, Boao Forum For Asia (BFA) is the most prestigious and premier forum for leaders in government, business and academia in Asia and other continents to share visions on the most pressing issues in this dynamic region and the world at large. "

So with former head of countries (Goh Chok Tong and Ahmadf Badawi) and various VIPs coming to Hainan for the Boao Forum; the Hainan Government has decreed that they will not have anyone running around with a 'firearms' during the week of the forum.

This throws a spanner in the works for those people who have book plane tickets and hotels. The organisers have asked everyone to wait for the new date to be confirmed before rebooking flights and hotels.

Official Announcement on the PALS China Website with a statement from Michael Whybrew

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