Thursday, January 27, 2011


I always find it ironic that you can carry these things around Singapore and keep it at home, but you cannot do the same with a paintball marker.

This is a cantilever bow which people use to hunt large game and it can kill a person. Where as paintball markers cannot kill anyone. But one is considered a 'firearm' and the other is not. Where as both do not have any gunpowder or any explosive propellant of any kind.

I am biased when I say that this cantilever bow with a pointy arrow looks a lot more menacing than a paintball marker. We see guns on the TV all the time and kids with toy guns that to us it would be less menacing that one of this cantilever bow.

I guess its because all paintball markers "look" like guns and one cannot tell what is a speedball marker and those scenario markers and what is a real gun/rifle.

If and when they do leagalise private ownership of paintball markers - the other can of worms to be opened will be all the realistic looking scenario markers.

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