Friday, May 16, 2008


In the current issue of FACEFULL- they talk about PSP and the Millenium Series reducing the capped speed of 15 balls per sec to 13 and there is talk about slowing the max FPS of paintballs to 260 FPS as oppose to the normal 300FPS.

I for one agree with this new ROF cap and the possible of reducing the max velocity to 260fps. This will open up the game more and allow people to make their bunkers and we'll see a more running game. At the World Cup Asia- most of the foreign pros were commenting that the game in Malaysia is more of a sit back and wait kind of game. Of which I find its true.

The reason for this is that people here tend to buy that fast shooing Ego or DM8 and sit back and just whack from the back. For me its not about the chip- its about shooting semi-auto and getting your shot where you want and making the move.

I'm constantly annoyed when kids sit around and talk about speed this emarker that marker. I'm really bored with people who don't know what they're talking about posting shit in forums about emarkers they have never even touched.

First of all shooting fast doesn't mean jack shit if you dont have a loader to feed it. When I tested my Cyborg with a borrowed old Halo- I out shot it a few times. The other kids were awed at the speed- I was awed for a sec then I realised- "shit now I have to spend good money to get a loader that can keep up with it".

The next factor is paint consumption- when you shoot "fast" you have to reload constantly too- you have to be fast and reload without compromising your game. You also have to carry a lot of paint into the field. When I crewed for the pros at WCA- most of them carried 3 pods only. None carried over 5 pods. They breakout- shoot their hoppers-reload- shoot and then they go. So to me shooting a "fast" marker isn't nessesarily a the be all and end all- not if you're in D3 or anything lower.

Too many times we get caught up with the "ramping mode allowed" tournaments in which many organisers try and temp people into coming to play in their tournaments by allowing ramping. Hey – I'm not stupid I can read between the lines- allowing people to shoot on ramp mode simply means you're going to sell more paint - that's the bottom line.

Anyway back to my point- speed isn't everything. If you're only talking about BPS on you gun - then you're game is short sighted.

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